Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a capability of machines to think and reason likes humans. Uses for these thinking machines will be found that were never before thought possible.

Following are the areas of Al:


1. Expert Systems

(See: Knowledge-Based (Expert) Systems)


2. Robotics

The design, construction and operation of robots is the field of Robotics. Specific research is trying to:

• make them intelligent i.e. give them decision-making ability.

• give them highly sensitive tactile capabilities.

• provide them with a capability to see in great details.

• design them with dependable stabilizing systems and mobility.


3. Natural Language-Processing

It is the capability of a computer to understand ordinary human language and translate it into instructions upon which computer can act. Progress already made in this are suggest that future systems using language-processing software will be able to understand language input in any form, from any speakers and translate it into any other language.


4. Voice Recognition

It is a capability of computers to recognize the user’s voice and accept those instructions/ commands to act upon accordingly. This capability may become the method for giving instructions to computers or commands to robots.


5. Voice Synthesis

It is a capability of machines of talking to humans or a capability of recreating the human voice. These voice output devices respond to an inquiry with a simulated human voice. For your own unlimited reading and free ebooks today, visit:?

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