B.com Part 2 – Banking And Finance 2007 Regular Paper

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Time : 3 Hours                    Max. Marks:100


Instructions: Attempt any FIVE questions.


1.(a) Define Bank.

(b) Describe the different kinds of Banks. (5+15)


2.(a) What are cash reserves?

(b) State the main factors which determine Cash Reserves in a Bank (05+15)

3.(a) List the principles uses of Bank Funds. (05+1 5)

(b) Describe the profitable & non profitable uses of Bank Funds


4.(e) List the different types of Credit Instruments. (05)

(b) Define letter of Credit and explain in detail its kinds. (15)


5(a) List the methods of Credit Control. (05)

(b) Describe the functions of Central Bank. (15)

6.(a) List the different Islamic Mode of Financing. (05+1 5)

(b) Describe the main characteristics of Islamic Banking System


7.(a) Define Business Finance. (05)

(b) Explain in detail the sources of long term Finance. (15)


8.(a) Define Working Capital.

(b) Discuss the factors which affect the size of working capital of a Business. (05+15)

9. Write short notes on any THREE of the following: (20)

(i) On Line Banking

(ii) Qarz-e-Hasana and Loan

(iii) Privatization of Nationalized Banks

(iv) Schedule and Non Schedule Banks

(v) Clearing House

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