B.com Part 2 – Business Communication 2007 Private Paper

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Time : 3 Hours                Max. Marks:100


Instructions: Attempt any Five questions Including Question No. 9 which is compulsory.


1.(a) What is Business Communication? Briefly state its main objectives. (10)

(b) Explain briefly the factors of Communicátion (10)

2(a) What are the Four Organizational plans? (08+1 2)

(b) Prepare outlines for Bad News and Persuasive Request.


3.(a) What steps will you follow to make an effective communication? (15)

(b) What do you know about ‘Resume’. (05)


4.(a) Define Problem Solving meeting. (04)

(b) What steps should be taken before and during problem solving conference? (16)


5.(a) Define dictation & suggest guidelines for effective dictation.

(b) Explain the reasons for poor listening. (10+10)


6.(a) What do you mean by an inquiry about product? Explain. –

(b) LG company has introduced a new Mobil Set in the market. You are interested to buy the set. Before placing the order you want to get information about it. (06+14)


Write an inquiry to LG Company requesting them to send you desired information. (Assume necessary information)

7.(a) Define Market Report and explain the kinds of Market (10)

(b) Explain any FIVE of the following Market Terms: (10)

(i) Black bourse (ii) Stag (iii) Dumping (iv) Bad Book (v) Street Price (vi) Easy Trend in Market (vii) Bear (viii) Poor takes (ix) Dull Tone (x) Hella


8.(a) Explain the characteristics of Sales Promotion Letter. (08)

(b) Write a Sales Promotion Letter to one of your old customers about the changes made in credit policy. (Assume necessary details) (12)


9.(a) Define Business Report and explain its classifications.(08)

(b) What steps will you follow before writing the report? Explain in sequence. ‘-

The management of OMEGA BUILDERS is considering to start the same nature of job inHyderabad. Before taking the final decision the Managing director of the Company has appointed you to prepare the feasibility of the plan


Write a Memorandum Report to be submitted to the Managing Director. (Assume imaginary details) (12)


10. Write short notes on any TWO of the following: (20)

(i) Defamation (ii) Steps for oral presentation

(iii) Difference between Sales and Sales Promotion Letter

(iv) Channels of Communication

(v) Difference between “Letter Form” and “Memorandum form” report.

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