B.com Part 2 – Business Law 2004 Private Paper

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Time : 3 Hours                    Max. Marks:100


Instructions: Attempt Four questions from Section-”A”, and Two questions from Section “B”






1. a) Discuss the different types of Contract. – (09)

b) Explain whether the following agreements are Contract or not Under the Contract Act. (08)

(i) A agree to sell a watch worth Rs.1000, for Rs.1’)0, A’s consent to agreement is freely given.

(ii) A promise to obtain a job for B in the private company and B promise to pay Rs.5000 to A

(iii) A promised to purchase B’s property in February. 2005 for Rs.20,00,000

(iv) A who wanted to enter into contract with B, by mistake he entered into contract with M.


2. Mention and explain the various ways in which a Contract may be discharged. (18)


3. Define free consent. What are those factors, Which influence it? Discuss. (18)


4. a) What do you know about Dissolution of Partnership9 (10)

b) Describe the rights and liabilities of partners. (08)

5. a) Define Negotiable Instruments. (06)

b) Explain the types of Negotiable instruments. (12)


6. a) Distinguish between the Contracts of Guarantee and Indemnity. (12)

b) How a Surety is discharged? (06)


7. Write short notes on any Two of the following. (18)

(1) Unpaid Seller

(2) Quasi Contracts.

(3) Rules regarding Transfer of Property.



Section “B” (Industrial Law)


8. What are the restrictions on the employment of Women and Children and adolescents? Describe. (15)

9. What are the provisions of Health and safety of Workers under Factories Act. (15)


10. Write short notes on any Three of the following: (15)

(1) Labour court

(2) Seasonal Factory

(3) Occupier.

(4) Partial Disablement

(5) Works Council.

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