B.com Part 2 – Computer In Business 2006 Private Paper

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Time: Three hours


Note: Attempt any five questions in all, including question No.1 which is compulsory.


1.(a) Fill in the blanks: (10)

(i) A hardware device that is inter mediary between a computer and the phone system is the _____

(ii) The computer that must be accessed to reach the Internet is called the _____ (iii) MIPS stand for ____

(iv) The software used to access the Internet is called a _____

(v) Each memory location is identified by an ____

(vi) Processing transactions in a group is called ______

(vii) The Physical layout of a network is called _______

(viii) The type of server that delivers the entire file to a user node is the _____ .

(ix) POS stands for ____

(x) What is the name of the kind of analysis that lets a user change spread sheet values and then observe the resulting effect? _____


(b) State whether TRUE or FALSE:

(i) The copy command in MS-WORD moves text to another place and deletes it from its original place.

(ii) Clip Art is an art work that is designed by the user of a desktop publishing program.

(iii) A magnetic disk has concentric tracks.

(iv) Transaction processing system is real-time system.

(v) WORM can be written once, and then it becomes read only.

(vi) Data is scanned into the computer using a mouse.

(vii) The MICR process is used mainly by retail stores.

(viii) Making illegal copies of copyrighted software is called Software Piracy.

(ix) ALAN is usually set up between cities

(x) Under multiprogramming programs can run concurrently.


2.(a) What is Operating System Software? Describe at least five functions of operating system software.

(b) Describe step involved in preparation of a computer program


3.(a) What is machine Cycle of a Central Processing Unit? Explain.

(b) Why the use Optical Storage is increasing as compared to the use of magnetic storage? Explain. Also, describe three most commonly used forms of Optical storage.


4.(a) Describe how the use of internet can be beneficial for a business? Explain with examples.

(b) What is Multimedia Technology? Describe four effective uses of Multimedia Technology.


5. Briefly describe the following terms, related to CPU:

(i) Pipe Lining

(ii) Interface

(iii) Buses

(iv) Internal Clock

(v) Ports.


6.(a) What is Data Communication? What role a Modem Plays in the communication between the two computers? Explain.

(b) What is Desk-top Publishing? Describe its uses.

7.(a) What is Artificial Intelligence? Describe three application of artificial intelligent in different fields.

(b) Why Object-oriented programming approach is better than other approaches? How it is different from the other approaches? Explain.


8. Write Short notes on the following topics (any Four):

(i) Analog and digital transmission.

(ii) Communication Channels.

(iii) Database query language

(iv) Cache Memory

(v) Flash Memory


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