B.com Part 2 – Computer In Business 2007 Private Paper

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Time: Three hours


Note: Attempt any five questions in all, including question No.1 which is compulsory.


1.(a) Fill in the blanks: (10)

(i) The world’s largest network is called ____

(ii) A written program after compilation is called ____

(iii) A CPU machine cycle is consist of ____, ____, ____ & ____

(iv) _____ is the electronic transactions related to purchase, delivery of goods and service computer.

(v) The _____ is the ability of fifth generation computer to think and reason.

(vi) A set of traffic rules an procedures that govern how data are transmitted is called ______

(vii) A person that communicates with a computer or uses the information it generates is called a _____-.

(viii) The largest, most expensive and most powerful computer is called –

(ix) ______ are “deviant” programs that can cause destruction to computer that contact them.

(x) The _____ operating system capability allows the use of secondary storage device as an extension of main memory.


(b) State whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE:


(i) A router connects two or more same networks protocol

(ii) Firewall security system is used to secure the e-mail.

(iii) FTP is used to transmit data between computers on internet

(iv) Digital computer is used to measurement of physical property

(v) Cache is refers as a special high speed buffer memory.

(vi) The dump terminals have certain processing abilities

(vii) The OOP is not involves encapsulation, inheritance methodology.

(viii) An internet is an example of wide-area network communication

(ix) Kernel is a kind of software that performs the most basic housekeeping functions.

(x) A ring network consist of several devices connected to each other in a closed loop by a single communication channel

2.(a) Enumerate the characteristics and functionality of an Operating Systems, which can be use in networking environment. Gives five names of such kind of operating systems.

(b) What do you meant by Office Automation? Briefly describe the specific utilization each of the OA applications.


3.(a) Describe the component of Computer-Based information System (CBIS)

(b) Explain the functions and characteristics of Accounting Information System.


4.(a) Describe the various parts of central processing unit

(b) Define the term Management Information System, Explain, how the following subsystem could be support the objectives of the business Organization?

  • Transaction processing system.
  • Decision Supporting System.
  • Expert System.


5. Give brief definition on the following computer terminologies:

(i) Client

(ii) Point of Sale Terminal

(iii) Virtual Memory

(iv) Modem

(v) Data communication

(vi) Server

6. Differentiate between the followings:

(i) Data bus and Address bus.

(ii) Bus topology and Ring topology

(iii) Internet, Intranet and Extranets

(iv) Application software and System software.


7.(a) Differentiate between the Desk Top Publishing and Word Processing.

(b) The followings abbreviations stand for:

NIC           VPN               MIRC         BIOS           CRT

MIPS        WORM           VAN          GUI             SIMM

ASCII        PDA               EDI         WMTP           DBMS

CISC         DVD-ROM     SQL         LAN              FTP


Make sure the introduction makes go to the website sense and uses appropriate transitions!
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