B.com Part 2 – Economic Of Pakistan 2005 Private Paper

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Time : 3 Hours                Max. Marks:100


Attempt three questions.


1.a) Differentiate between Economic Growth and Economic Development. Explain the factors responsible for Economic Development. (10)

b) Discuss the main obstacles in the economic development of Pakistan(10)

2. Describe the reasons of power Shortage inPakistan. What steps the Government of Pakistan has taken to develop these resources? Elaborate. (20)


3. Identify the problems of Agricultural Sector inPakistan. What measures do you suggest for their improvement? Explain. (20)


4. Distinguish between Balance of Payments and Balance of Trade. What are the main reasons of unfavourable Balance of Payments of Pakistan? Suggest measures to correct it. (20)


5.a) Discuss the importance of Human Capital. (10)

b) Examine the Role of small and cottage industries in the economic development of Pakistan. (10)

6. What is the importance of industries inPakistan? Discuss the features of a good Industrial Policy in a country likePakistan.


7.a) Discuss the different means of transport and communications inPakistan. (10)

b) In the modern world, computer has become an important means of Communication. Elaborate reasons. (10)

8. Critically examine the role of Foreign Investment in the economic development ofPakistan. (20)


9.a) What are the main objectives of Fiscal Policy? How the Budget deficit can be controlled? (10)

b) The 2 five years Plan is considered as the most successful one, why? (10)

10. Write short notes on any TWO of the following: (20)

(a) Agricultural Credit.

(b) W.T.O

(c) P.I.D.C

(d) Privatization policy.

(e) Role of Export Promotion Bureau

Exercise and since you cannot ask questions, you may take www.essaynara.com/ liberties by inventing some imaginative details.
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