B.com Part 2 – Economic Of Pakistan 2005 Regular Paper

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Time : 3 Hours                Max. Marks:100


Attempt three questions.


1.a) What are the determinants of Economic development? How far they are applicable inPakistan’s Economy? Explain.(08)

b) What do you understand by Poverty? What strategy has been implemented by the government to eliminate Poverty Pakistan? (12)

3. Give the salient features of Population inPakistan. Is growing population always a hindrance of Economic development? Discuss. (20)


What are the problems faced by the industrial labour inPakistan? Explain. Write down the steps taken by the government to solve these problems. (20)


3.a) Why the industrial sector ofPakistanis backward? (08)

b) Describe the role of Cottage and Small Scale industries in the Economic Development of Pakistan. (12)


4. Privatization of industries inPakistanis the only solution for increasing the efficiency of industrial sector. Elaborate this concept with reference to Pakistan Steel. (20)


5a) Discuss the problems of Capital formation in Pakistan. (08)

b) Suggest ways to invite Foreign Investment in Pakistan. (12)

6. Examine the Role of Foreign investment in the industrial development ofPakistan. (20)


7. Discuss the Role of mechanization in the Agricultural development ofPakistan. (20)


Distinguish between Consumer goods industries and Capital goods industries and explain the importance of each for a developing economy likePakistan. (20)


8.a) Define Budget and explain the main sources of Revenue Budget. (08)

b) Explain the reasons for Deficit Financing In Pakistan. (12)


8.a) Name the various internal and external institutions providing credit facilities for industrial development inPakistan.

b) Discuss the role of P.I.D.C. in the development of Industrial Sector of Pakistan.


9.a) What is meant by Economic Planning? Discuss the need and role of planning inPakistan. (08)

b) What measures have been taken by the Government of Pakistan to promote export? Elaborate. (12)

10. Write short notes on any TWO of the following: (20)

(a) Natural Resources and economic development.

(b) Role of Communication in economic development.

(c) Balance of Payments and Balance of Trade.

(d) Export Processing Zone.

(e) Performance of State Industrial Enterprises.

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