B.com Part 2 – Economic Of Pakistan 2007 Regular Paper

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Time : 3 Hours                Max. Marks:100


Attempt three questions.


1 .(a) Discuss the main characteristics of a developing Economy with reference toPakistan.

(b) ‘Identify and explain the factors which are obstructing the Economic development of Pakistan.

2. “Enhanced quality of human resources is directly related with the best utilization of Economic resource’. Comment.


3.(a) Agricultural sector is the back-bone ofPakistan’s Economy. Discuss.

(b) Suggest measures which can increase agricultural output.


4.(a) What are the causes of Industrial backwardness in Pak.?

(b) Suggest measures for industrial development inPakistan.


5. Explain the importance of export in developing economy. Explain the factors which can enhance the export earnings substantially inPakistan.

6. “Facilitating foreign investment means advanced technology, latest management skills and employment in the Economy of Pakistan”, Do you agree? Give arguments.


7. Proper roads and flyovers have an extra ordinary importance in enhancing the over all Economic activities. Elaborate.


8. Define budget and highlights the main features of the Federal Budget for 2007-2008.


Explain the current monetary and fiscal policies ofPakistan.


9.(a) Define the concept of Economic Planning.

(b) Mention and elaborate the factors which are responsible for effective planning inPakistan.

10. Write notes on any TWO of the following:

(a) SMEDA. (b) Power Resources ofPakistan

(c) Privatization (d) Cottage industries

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