B.com Part 2 – Fundamentals Of Marketing 2005 Private Paper

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Time : 3 Hours                    Max. Marks:100


Instructions: Attempt Five questions in all. Question No.1 is compulsory.


1. Fast food business has been growing constantly in our city. Besides some international brands, many local brands also have been capturing the market. The trend of eating-out has now reached to almost all levels of the society. It is generally viewed that if our local fast food brands improve their quality and promote effectively, they can compete the international brands. At Present, international brands are dominating over local brands.

Keeping in view the above situation, answer the following questions: (28)

(a) Suggest some Modification/ Innovation, the Local brands should introduce in their products to compete more effectively.

(b) Describe the ‘Promotion Mix’ the local brands should use to overcome their competition.

(c) State SWOT of local and International fast food brands.


2.a) Define product life Cycle. (05)

b) Explain the ‘Marketing Mix’ decisions in various stages of PLC. (13)


3.a) Define ‘Promotion’ and ‘Promotion Mix’. (06)

b) Briefly explain Promotion Plan. (12)

4.a) Explain distribution of products through direct and indirect channel. Give examples. (06)

b) Explain various means of transportation. Give examples of products transported through each means. (12)


5.a) Distinguish ‘Skimming’ with penetration pricing policy. Give examples of each, (09)

b) Briefly describe, with examples the use of Odd pricing, Customary pricing and Variable pricing. (09)


6.a) Define Market segmentation. Explain its various methods. (06)

b) Describe the use of Demographic and life style characteristics in the development of marketing strategy. Support your answer with examples. (12)


7. Write short notes on any TWO of the following: (18)

(a) Marketing Information system.

(b) Product Mix and its purpose.

(c) Types and objectives of publicity.

(d) Marketing concept.

(e) Marketing Environment.

>(d) Pr�gohdD XB and price Strategy.


(e) Concept of Marketing

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