B.com Part 2 – Management 2005 Regular Paper

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Time: Three hours


Note: Attempt any Five questions.


1.a) Explain briefly the Universal functions of a management.   (10 marks)

b) “Coordination is the essence of Manager ship”. Discuss in some detail. (10 marks)

2.a) Briefly discuss “Japanese Decision Making”. (08 marks)

b) Discuss the various steps involved in Problem solving / Decision Making. (12 marks)


3.a) Define Planning and name the various steps involved in the process of planning. (10 marks)

b) Define M.B.O. Briefly discuss the various activities performed in this process. (10 marks)


4. Compare Maslow’s Need theory with that of two factors theory of Herzberg. (20 marks)

5.a) Define ‘Departmentation. Name the various important basis of Departmentation. (10 marks)

b) Do you agree that “Departmentation by Enterprise Functions” is widely used basis of Departmentation. (10 marks)


6.a) What do you understand by “Line view point (08 marks)

b) What measures can be taken in an Organization to make staff Work” (12 marks)


7.a) “Planning is looking ahead and Controlling is looking behind” in the light of this statement briefly discuss the Control process. (10 marks)

b) What do you understand by ‘Breakeven Analysis”. Prepare a chart. (10 marks)


8.a) Define ‘Leadership” and name the various Theories of Leadership. (08 marks)

b) Briefly discuss various types of Groups. (12 marks)

9. Write short notes on any THREE of the following:

(a) Maslow’s Self Actualizing Person

(b) Communication Systems

(c) Staffing Process

(d) Leadership Styles

(e) Hawthron Effect

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