B.com Part 2 – Management Private 2006 Paper

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Time: Three hours


Note: Attempt any Five questions.



1.(a) Describe basic functions of Manager. (15 + 05)

(b) Coordination is essence to Managership” Discuss.

2(a) Distinguish between the “DelphiTechnique” and “Nominal Group Technique” (10)

(b) State the guide lines to decision making. (10)


3(a) Write a brief definition of planning. (05)

(b) Name the steps involved in planning process. Discuss any Two in details. (15)


4(a) Describe Departmentation byEnterprisefunctions. (05)

(b) Describe briefly factors determining span of control. (15)

5(a) Name various ‘Theories of Motivation’ (05)

(b) Describe Douglus M.Gragoris “Theory X” and “Theory Y. (15)


6(a) What do u understand by orientation? (06)

(b) Describe various types of training. (14)


7.(a) Identify the “Barriers of Communication”. (10)

(b) Describe four philosophies of Communication. (10)


8.(a) What factors lead to formation of groups? (10)

(b) How do the groups grow? Explain (10)

9. Write Short notes on any THREE of the following. (20)

(i) Scaler Chain

(ii) Line and Staff authority relationship

(iii) 14 principles as given by Henri Fayol.

(iv) Scientific Management

(v) Phases of Control

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