B.com Part 2 – Principles Of Insurance 2005 Private Paper

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Time : 3 Hours                Max. Marks:100


la) Define Contract of Insurance. (05)

b) ‘Contract of Insurance is based on some doctrines Explain in detail. (15)

2. What are the advantages of Insurance available to: (20)

(a) Public (b) Businessmen. (c) Community (d) Government.


3.a) What are Warranties in Insurance? Explain with special reference of Marine Insurance. (10)

b) What is the difference between Warranty and Conditions? (l0)


4.a) Name the parties involved in insurance contract and also describe their role. (10)

b) What are the rights of Insurer? (10)


5. Describe the Government Insurance and relative position of Private Insurance. (20)


6.a) Name the two broad categories into which the insurance business is historically divided.

b) What does property insurance usually covers pays for it?(10)

7. Write notes on any THREE. (20)

(i) Contract of Indemnity. (ii) Difference between Fire and

Life Insurance (iii) Reinsurance and Double Insurance, (iv) Assurance and Insurance.

(v) Risk and its Kind.

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