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Note: Attempt any FIVE questions:


1. (a) Define the term “Bank”. Explain in brief the Evolution of Banking.

(b) Explain the kinds of Banks and functions.

2. (a) Differentiate Central Banking with Commercial Banking.

(b) Discuss in detail the various functions performed by a Central Bank.


3. (a) Briefly explain the various kinds of cheques.

(b) Explain the procedure of opening a Bank Account.


4. (a) List the various Islamic Modes of Financing.

(b) Define Lease. Describe the kinds of leasing.

5. (a) Define short term and long term finance.

(b) Describe in detail the various sources of short term finance.


6. (a) Distinguish between Islamic and Interest based banking.

(b) Define Musharaka. Describe the kinds of Musharaka.

7. (a) What are cash reserves?

(b) State the main factors which determine Cash reserves in a bank.


8. (a) List the different types of Credit instrument.

(b) Define letter of credit and explain in detail its kinds.


9. Write short notes on any THREE of the following:

(i) Kinds of Endorsement

(ii) On-line banking

(iii) Privatization of National Bank

(iv) Qaraz-e-Hasna and Loan

(v) How to open a bank account?

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