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1.         Fill in the blanks with appropriate terms:

  1.          i.            The different living components of an ecosystem are called its _______ components.
  2.        ii.            Chemicals used for the control of unwanted organisms are called ____________.
  3.       iii.            _______ produced by microorganisms are used mainly for the treatment of bacterial diseases.
  4.      iv.            _________ is a technique used to transfer genes from one organism to another.
  5.        v.            Protein of wheat is called ___________.
  6.      vi.            Insects which eat crops can be killed with ____________.
  7.     vii.            Using a _________ to control a pest is called biological control.
  8.   viii.            CFCs stands for __________.
  9.      ix.            _________ is a group of organisms who feed on waste matter from animals and plants and their dead bodies.

2.         Write whether the following statements are true or false:

(i)         The climate of our globe is not affected by deforestation.

(ii)        Depletion of ozone layer is due to the effect of increasing amount of CO2 in the upper atmosphere.

(iii)       Absence of ozone umbrella allows easy penetration of sun’s energy for photosynthesis.

(i)                  Burning of fossils fuel increases carbon dioxide in the air.

3.         Encircle the most suitable answer:

(i)         Which one of the following is not a consequence of deforestation.

(a)        Green house effect                 (b)        Depletion of ozone layer

(c)        Soil erosion                             (d)        Disturbed water cycle


(ii)        Bacteria play an important role in.

(a)        Pasteurization                         (b)        Sterilization

(c)        Fermentation                           (d)        Radiation


(iii)       Typhoid is a disease of.

(a)        Kidney                                     (b)        Lungs

(c)        Liver                                        (d)        Intestine


(iv)       Plasmodium causes.

(a)        Typhoid                                   (b)        Malaria

(c)        Cholera                                   (d)        Influenza


(v)        Polluted air contains certain gases. Which out of these is most poisonous.

(a)        Carbon dioxide                                    (b)       Sulphurdioxide

(c)        Nitrogen dioxide                                  (d)        Carbon monoxide


(vi)       Which one of the following is caused by acid rains?

(a)        Green house effect                 (b)        Stone cancer

(c)        Damage to ozone layer          (d)        Denitrification of soil


(vii)      Name of technique discovered by a French Scientish Louis Pasteur.

(a)        Radiation                                 (b)        Pasteurization

(c)        Fermentation                           (d)        Sterilization


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