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Attempt any FIVE questions. Question No. 5 is compulsory.


1. (a) Explain the different kinds of Leadership.

(b) State the various functions of a leader.


2. (a) What is a “Business Report”? Explain briefly its functions.

(b) What are the qualities of well written “Business report”?

3. (a) Define Advertisement and explain its purposes.

(b) What is a Sales letter? What are its functions?


4. (a) What is a Circular letter? For what purposes it is issued?

(b) What steps would you follow in Oral communication?


5. (a) Define Business Communication and how can you bring effectiveness in our communication?

(b) Discuss the process of Communication with the help of diagram/ flow chart.


6. (a) Explain the process of communication with the help of diagram.

(b) Describe how body language communicates.


7. (a) Discuss with illustrations the different parts of a business letter.

(b) Draw a sketch indicating the position of each part in the business letter.


8. (a) Explain the advantages of a “Market Report”.


How to read a Market Report?

(b) What do you know about “Ready Market” and “Future Market”?

(c) Explain any FOUR of the following terms:

(i) Stock (ii) Bull (iii) Jobber

(iv) Hedger (v) Bearish Hella (vi) Ad-Valorem



8. (a) Explain the contents and functions of a Market report.

(b) Explain any FOUR of the following terms:


(i)Arrivals (ii) Bare (iii) Slump

(iv) Bear (v) Glut



(a) Define Market report. What are the uses and advantages of Market Report?

(b) Explain any FOUR of the following terms:


(i) Bullish Hella (ii) Spade (iii) Collateral

(iv) Glut (v) Ready business (vi) Blue chips

(vii) Dumping (viii) Bearish Sentiments (ix) Forward Business


9. (a) Differentiate between Deductive and Inductive Approach.


(a) What suggestions will you give for good opening and closing paragraphs?

(b) Prepare outlines for basic organizational plans


(b) Explain with example the following writing principles

(i) Correctness (ii) Conciseness (iii) Courtesy


10. (a) Explain briefly “Capital Markets” and its types.

(b) Explain any FOUR business writing principles with examples.


(a) What factors in an “Organizational Environment” causes “Noise”?

(b) List the barriers to effective communicating.

(c) Give suggestions at least TEN for good opening and closing paragraph.


11. (a) Explain briefly the contents of “Claim letter”.
(b) Ever shine electronics has received a consignment of 100 TV sets. After checking the consignment it was found that 15 TV sets had scratches on screen and 5 TV sets were not showing pictures.


Write a claim letter to Faran electronics. Sialkot asking them for the replacement of defective TV sets.

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