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Q1. In an isobaric process 42J heat is given, while its volume change occurred is

0.9m³ at 950 torr. Find out change in internal energy and also explain the significance of its sign.

Q2. 900 J heat is rejected from a system and its internal energy is decreased by

100 cal. Find out the work done.

Q3. What will be the change in internal energy of an isochoric process while 90 cal given to it?

Q4. In a gas cylinder the piston moves from 20cm to 50cm while

15N is applied. Its internal energy is decreased by 2OJ during the process. Find how many joules given or rejected from the system?

Q5. Find out the heat of the following by using the given data:

2Na + H2O + ½ O2 —–> 2NaOH ∆H = ?

Na + 1/4O2 —–> ½ Na2O ∆H = -50

Na2O + H2O ——-> 2NaOH ∆H = -56

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