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1: A liquid rises in capillary tube.

2: The process of diffusion is most rapidly in gases, less rapidly in liquid, and very slowly in solids.

3: Evaporation is a cooling process.

4: A drop of liquid spreads on a blotting paper.

5: a falling drop of liquid is always spherical.

6: Glycerin is distilled at a reduced pressure.

7: NaF and MgO are isomorphous compounds.

8: Ionization potential of oxygen is smaller than that of nitrogen.

9: The bond angle in H2o is smaller than in NH3.

10: Elements give line spectrum.

11: A positive catalyst increases the rate of reaction.

12: An orbital can have two electrons with opposite spins.

13: The 2nd ionization potential of Sodium is very high.

14: Honey is more viscous than Water.

15: The boiling point of H2O is higher than the boiling point of H2S.

16: Food is cooked more quickly in a pressure cooker than in an ordinary pot in the kitchen.

171 Food is presented in freezers.

18; Zinc dust is used for the preparation of H2 gas and not the chucks of zinc.

19: Milk gets sour more rapidly in summer than in winter.

20: A liquid is less viscous at high temperature.

21: Water has a high BP than hydrogen flouride although fluoride is more electronegative than oxygen.

22: Graphite is a good conductor of electricity whereas diamond is not.

23: The rate of diffusion of C3H8 and CO2 are same.

24; Solids do not flow as liquids and gases do.

25: Mercury has its meniscus upward.

26: Boiling point of a liquid remains constant although heat is continuously supplied to the liquid.

27: The electron affinity of Nitrogen is positive.

28: The electron affinity of Be and Mg is positive.

29: The electron affinity of Oxygen atom is negative but of O2 is positive.

30: ionic radius of Sodium is smaller than that of its atom.

31: ionic radius of Chlorine is greater than that of its atom.

32: PCl5 exists but phosphorus does not give Pig.

33: Water has the maximum density at 40C.

34: BeCl2 has a liner shape where a water molecule has angular shape.

35: Formula Mass is estimated for ionic compounds inspite ofMolecularMass. When the first of these magazine articles appeared, thirtyeight at?

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