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Service to humanity means attempts to help the needy, the handicapped, the weak and the desperate. This quality distinguishes a man from a brute. Animals live for himself they arc always concerned with their needs, their urgings and their requirements. A man who lives for himself and who is only concerned with his requirement, his comforts and his benefits is not better than an animal. Example of community and humanitarian service are abundant for our guidance. Our holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) and his companions have set examples of service to humanity.

Hazarat Abu Bakar, Hazrat Umer, Hazrat Usman Ghani and Hazrat Ali used to help needy, the weak and handicapped persons of feed them, Hazrat Usman gave his corn to the hungry people. Hazrat Fatima gave all the breads she had to hungry persons for three continuous days and she, her sons and her husband Hazrat Ali had to keep fast for three days continuously without food.


Community service means selfless service to humanity at large. Community service is based on love of humanity. It develops a spirit of brother hood between man and man. In the field of community service, the students can do a wonderful job. Our people have great regard for students. Every on trusts them of students once out for community service, all the people will cooperate with them and follow their examples.

The students should offer their services for driving away illiteracy from the country. They should make themselves available to the illiterate people of their locality and inspire them to read and learn, They should open their eyes to what is good and what is bad. As they arc educated, their advice will be treated as very valuable by the ignorant people.

Community service is self rewarding. A. part from the rewards it would bring after death it brings rewards one’s life. The joy one gets from it goes a long way to illuminate the dark path of life. It elevates mind, heart and soul. Therefore it is necessary for the students ofPakistanthat they should be provided proper education about the importance of community service along with their proper formal education so that the students will be able to realize the problems of common people in the society ofPakistan. The Students will become able to servePakistanboth by their professional capabilities and as good citizens. The sense of community service can help the students to arrange their individual and social life; with the mutual cooperation of each other we can make our country more stable and powerful.

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