Distinguish between Riba-ul-Nasiah and Riba-ul-Fadl

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Q.13    Distinguish between Riba-ul-Nasiah and Riba-ul-Fadl.

Ans:    RIBA-ul-Nasiah

The Riba-ul-Nasiah means postpone defers and where time is allowed for the borrower to repay the borrowed money or loan with additional or at premium. So it is interest on loan. Fixing in advance of a certain return of loan in consideration for postponement of waiting is not permitted by Shariat. So Riba-ul-Nasiah is altogether. Haraam, which can be questioned or justified by any Mussalman. Interest is a curse for the society and any one defends. It becomes Kafir.


All the sources of explanation in all forms of dishonest and unjust exchange in business have been eliminated. The kind of interest covers all spot transactions involving cash payment on hand and immediately of the commodity on the other.

It is clear from Abadith that if good silver wheat, barley, dates and salt are exchanged against themselves; they should be exchanged spot and he equal and alike. Only six commodities two represent commodity moves are specified in Abadith. Therefore, the fuqhahas have debted the question for centuries as to whether Riba-ul-Fadl is confixed only to six times or it could include other commodities too.

The prohibition of Riba-ul-Fadl is thus intended to ensure justice and remove all sources of exploitation through unfair exchanges and to close all back doors to Riba. Was sound, the grain was of the finest, justbuyessay.com and in the grayhaired man.

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