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Attempt any FIVE questions


1. (a) The growing population of Pakistanis an asset for achieving the economic prosperity. Discuss.

(b) Discuss the salient features of population of Pakistan.

2. (a) Discuss the flow of Mechanization in the agricultural development ofPakistan.

(b) The imposition of tax on agricultural income will boost up the economic development of Pakistan.


3. (a) “Agricultural development is the basic of Industrial development”. Discuss with reference to Pakistan.

(b) Highlight the main sources of Agricultural Credit in Pakistan.


4. (a) Examine the flow of cottage and small scale Industries in the economic development of Pakistan.

(b) Name the various internal and external financial sources of Pakistan. Discuss any one in detail.

5. (a) State the various means of Transport and Communication in Pakistan.

(b) Elaborate the importance of Roads and Highways in Pakistan.


6.  Describe the reasons of power shortage inPakistan. What steps the Government of Pakistan has taken to develop these resources.


7. (a) What are the main objectives of Monetary Policy of Pakistan?

(b) How inflationary pressure can be controlled through Monetary Policy?


8. (a) Define Economic development. Discuss the obstacles in the process of economic Development of Pakistan.

(b) Suggest measures to remove these obstacles.

9. (a) Industrial development is the basic of Economic development of Pakistan. Elaborate.

(b) Highlight the role of Public sector in the industrial development of Pakistan.


10. There is a vital role of public and private sector in the industrial development. Evaluate with reference to Pakistan.


11. Discuss the role of State Bank of Pakistan in the economic development of Pakistan.


12. Write note on any TWO of the following:

(i) Deficit financing (ii) International Monetary Fund (IMF)

(iii) Present energy crisis (iv) Privatization Policy of Pakistan

(v) Problems of industrial Labours.

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