English – B (BA/BSc Annual 2012) Guess Papers Punjab University

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English (Paper-B) Punjab University, Guess Papers,
For BA/BSc Examination, 2012

1. Make an outline of any one of the essays and write your views on it.
i. Dengue – A dreadful epidemic
ii. Floods in Pakistan
iii. Village uplift
iv. How to make Pakistan a strong and stable country.
v. Teaching as a profession.
vi. Traveling as part of Education.
vii. Corruption in Pakistan.
viii. Mobile Phones
ix. Our educational problems
x. Energy crisis or power failure
xi. Inflation or rising of prices
2. Make a précis of the following paragraph and also answer the question given
at the end.
I am opposed to nationalism, as it is understood in Europe not because if it is
allowed to develop in India, it is likely to bring less material gain to Muslims. I am
opposed to it because I see in it the germs of atheistic materialism which I look upon as
the greatest danger to modern humanity. Patriotism is perfectly natural virtue and ahs a
place in the moral life of man. Yet, that which really matters is man’s faith, his culture,
his culture, his historical traditions. These are the tings which, in my opinion, are worth
living for the dying for, and not the piece of earth; with which the spirit of man happens
to be temporarily associated. I have been repudiating the concept of “Nationalism” since
the time when it was not well known in India, and the Muslim world. At the very start, it
has become clear to me from the writing of European authors, that the imperialistic
designs of Europe were in great need of this effective weapon, the propagation of the
European conception of Nationalism in the Muslim countries it is going to shatter the
religious unity of Islam to pieces. (Dr. Iqbal)

i. Why is Allama Iqbal opposed to European nationalism?
ii. How does Allama Iqbal compare patriotism with virtues like man’s faith,
his culture, his historical traditions?
iii. How does Allama Iqbal repudiate the concept of Nationalism?
iv. Suggest a suitable title for it and make a Précis of the passage given
v. Explain the meaning of the following words:
i) Atheistic Nationalism ii) Imperialistic designs
iii) Nationalism
3. Write an application to the Finance Manager of a Multinational company for
the appointment of an Accounts clerk (With CV).
Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper about the Dengue Fever
suggesting ways and means to control it.
4. Expected idioms. Use the following idioms in sentences of your own.
1. An Iron hand 80. In one’s elements
2. A fly in the ointment 81. Point blank
3. A dark horse 82. A maiden speech
4. A bone of contention 83. A wet blanket
5. In full swing 84. A hair breadth escape
6. A fish out of water 85. A right hand man
7. A rainy day 86. An apple of discard
8. A jack of all trades 87. A cat and dog life
9. A cry in the wilderness 88. A lip of the tongue
10. To be at loggerheads 89. A square deal
11. Under a cloud 90. At daggers drawn
12. A thorn in the flesh 91. A dead letter
13. A square meal 92. At a stone’s throw
14. To swallow the bait 93. To smell a rat
15. To play havoc 94. To weather the storm
16. To lead by the nose 95. To pay a lip service to
17. To be at a loss 96. To throw dust in one’s eye
18. On the anvil 97. Beat about the bush
19. To carry the day 98. Turn over a new leaf
20. Tide over 99. A blessing in disguise
21. A necessary evil 100. On the spur of the moment
22. For good 101. To face the music
23. Over head and ears 102. A wet blanket
24. Beneath one’s dignity 103. A labour of love
25. To feather one’s nest 104. A hearty meal
26. To steal a march upon 105. To rest on one’s oars
27. To cut to the quick 106. To break the ice
28. Leave in the lurch 107. To weather the storm
29. To keep one’s head above water 108. Tongue in the cheek
30. To cry over spilt milk 109. Make the best of a bed bargain
31. Burn one’s finger 110. Olive branch
32. To end in smoke 111. To keep an eye on
33. Play an underhand game 112. Add insult to injury
34. To pull a long face 113. See eye to eye with
35. To grease the palm 114. Child’s play
36. To eat a humble pie 115. To fish in troubled water
37. To laugh in one’s sleeve 116. To have a finger in the pie
38. To fall flat 117. To eat one’s words
39. To pull a long face 118. To split hairs
40. Null and void 119. Lose one’s head
41. A fish out of water 120. To keep abreast of
42. Above board 121. To go to the wall
43. In teeth of 122. Fool’s paradise
44. From pillar to post 123. Part and parcel
45. To catch at a straw 124. In deep water
46. In the offing 125. To sow wild oats
47. Neck or nothing 126. Off hand
48. Plain sailing 127. To get rid of
49. Run riot 128. To steal the show
50. Root and branch 129. To keep up appearances
51. A bull in china shop 130. A dog in the manager
52. A Herculean task 131. A house of cards
53. A casting vote 132. A blue stocking
54. A labour of love 133. A red rag to the bull
55. A sight for sore eyes 134. A skeleton in the cupboard
56. Add fuel to fire 135. At cross purposes
57. Bad blood 136. Bag and baggage
58. Beggar description 137. Blow hot and cold
59. Catch at a straw 138. Cast pearls before swine
60. Cut the Gordian knot 139. Eye wash
61. Father one’s nest 140. French leave
62. Have a bee in one’s bonnet 141. Hold water
63. Ill at ease 142. Keep one’s head
64. Keep the wolf away from door 143. Make a mountain of a mole hill
65. On one’s last legs 144. Once in a blue moon
66. Out at elbows 145. Play ducks and drakes with
67. Pull a long face 146. Rank and file
68. Rest on one’s oars 147. Show the white weather
69. Spick and span 148. Square meal
70. Storm in a tea cup 149. Talk shop
71. The underdog 150. To be all ears
72. To make no bones about 151. To keep one’s fingers above
73. To have cold feet 152. Wash dirty linen in public
74. Wolf in sheep’s clothing 153. Yellow press
75. A blue eyed boy 154. In a mess
76. Freudian slip 155. Crocodile tears
77. To play havoc 156. To make a virtue of necessity
78. To pull a long face 157. To eat a humble pie
79. Above board 158. Pandora’s box
Q.4(b) Expected Phrasal Verbs.
1. To break down 76. Do for
2. Cast aside 77. Get over
3. Come of 78. Go on
4. Send for 79. Hand over
5. Work out 80. Hand on
6. Die out 81. Hold over
7. Break into 82. To hold out
8. Cast down 83. Keep back
9. Fall through 84. Live upto
10. Egg on 85. Knock off
11. Break out 86. Knock up
12. Break up 87. Lay in
13. Carry through 88. Let out
14. Cut down 89. Let down
15. Go through 90. Live by
16. Take down 91. Look after
17. Back up 92. Look up
18. Put down 93. Look into
19. Blow out 94. Make out
20. Boil over 95. Part from
21. Bridge over 96. Pass into
22. Call upon 97. To pass off
23. To carry on 98. Pull down

24. To get over 99. Cut down
25. Deal with 100. Clear up
26. Do for 101. Bear out
27. Fall out 102. Bear up
28. Fall away 103. Bear with
29. Get at 104. Blow out
30. Get off 105. Break away
31. Go back 106. Break through
32. Go by 107. Come about
33. Go on 108. Come off
34. To hold out 109. Come to
35. To keep back 110. Come about
36. Lay in 111. Cut down
37. Look after 112. Cut off
38. Look up 113. Cut in
39. Make up 114. Do away
40. Make out 115. Do up
41. To bear out 116. Fall in with
42. Blow over 117. Fall out
43. Break down 118. Get at
44. Do up 119. Get away
45. Run down 120. Get at the bottom of
46. Do away with 121. Give up
47. Get on 122. Go ahead
48. Get through 123. Go to
49. Lay by 124. Go back on
50. Live on 125. Live by
51. Give up 126. Look up
52. Pull down 127. Make for
53. Put off 128. Make off with
54. Stand for 129. Pull through
55. Take after 130. Pull up
56. Turn up 131. Put up
57. Give up 132. Run down
58. Turn down 133. Run out
59. Set in 134. Run up against
60. Wear off 135. Set on, upon
61. Take off 136. Set up for
62. Ring up 137. Stand out
63. Rub up 138. Take down
64. Live on 139. Take in
65. Look forward 140. Turn up
66. Look up 141. Agree to
67. Make out 142. To attend on
68. Give away 143. Beat back
69. Catch at 144. Boil over
70. Drop off 145. Buy of
71. Drop out 146. Cry down
72. Turn down 147. Cry out
73. Cut out 148. Die out/die off
74. Deal in 149. Die down
75. Deal out 150. Drop off
5. Correction the following sentences (10)
1. Bread and butter are what they need.
2. Machinery are what we need.
3. I went to home during summer vacations.
4. He gave me many advices.
5. The jury have decided the case in his favour.
6. We have many works to do.
7. The vermin is swarming.
8. He is true to his words.
9. Our teacher takes pain in teaching.
10. Did he make friend with you.
11. Did you get any informations about it.
12. Many a sailors are drowned into the sea.
13. I am her whom you dislike.
14. We all did not go.
15. One must not boast of his success.
16. I am yours humble servant.
17. He enjoyed during the match.
18. She encouraged neither of the three lovers.
19. He who works hard, succeed.
20. Who do you, want to see.
21. I want a teacher for my son who is seventh.
22. I and you are great friends.
23. The man was arrested who committed the murder.
24. I dislike you going to cinema.
25. This was unkindest cut of all.
26. He wrote a best book.
27. She is elder than her sister by two years.
28. He is more senior than me.
29. He is the best of the two.
30. Health is preferable than wealth.
31. She is more beautiful than any girl in the class.
32. No less than forty soldier were killed in the battle.
33. These kinds of books are necessary for B.A.
34. Salma is the best of all other students.
35. I am sitting here for hours.
36. Being wise, he could be relied upon.
37. Why he wrote that foolish letter.
38. He said that he may go to Lahore tomorrow.
39. He is treated the best teacher in the school.
40. he might have written a letter, if I informed him.
41. Does she think that I will go there.
42. He has come here yesterday.
43. He cried as if he is hurt.
44. I shall be drowned and no one will help me.
45. I should read the book if he had bought it.
46. He dared not to go there.
47. Try to immediately call the doctor.
48. I dislike you coming to the college.
49. We are looking forward to meet you.
50. He came with a view to meet me.
51. Lying in bed, a telephone rang.
52. Climbing the roof was dark on all sides.
53. I have lain the book on the table.
54. A log of wood is swimming in the river.
55. I hope, you will fail.
56. The stream has over flown its banks.
57. They made a goal.
58. He refused having taken my pen.
59. Do not speak a lie.
60. Open the light.
61. I cannot pull on my work.
62. The flowers smell sweetly.
63. You have been very kind enough to help me.
64. The loss hit him hardly.
65. He knows driving.
66. You are not cleaver to do it.
67. I never remember having met him.
68. He walks very faster than you.
69. It is very hot to play foot ball.
70. Wheat sells dearly now-a-days.
71. This water is very colder than that.
72. I could not find him nowhere.
73. The wisdom is the gift of God.
74. The higher you go, cooler it is.
75. The both sisters are in the 8th class.
76. The beauty is but skin deep.
77. We should help poor.
78. Many flower is blooming in the garden.
79. The swimming is a good exercise.

80. The man is morlal.
81. More we get, more we want.
82. The rose is sweetest of all flowers.
83. She has got headache.
84. You are in wrong.
85. He climbed on the tree.
86. This cheque is of Habib Bank.

87. He is blind of one eye.
88. He wrote with red ink.
89. He is like a brother for you.
90. I must dispense from his service.
91. I am getting late for school.
92. I congratulate you for your success.
93. We sat under the shade of a mango tree.
94. He is in this committee.
95. The teacher caught the boy from ear.
96. He insisted in going to Lahore.
97. He died from cholera.
98. He died of hunger.
99. He is both intelligent as well as hardworking.
100. I am not sure if he will succeed.
101. He could not help but laugh.
102. He asked me that where he lives.
103. Due to fever, he could not attend to his work.
104. Until he is good, he should not fear anyone.
105. The choice is between wealth or beauty.
106. I asked him to bring water and he refused to bring it.
107. She walks like Salma does.
108. He made a goal against our college.
109. I shot the bear but missed.
110. He has been operated.
111. My tooth is paining way badly.
112. Open this knot.
113. He returned more quicker than I expected.
114. He recovered from fatal illness.
115. Good night, how are you?
116. Lay the books lie where they are.
117. When do you go to sleep?
118. The doctor saw the pulse of the patient.
119. I am leaving by 06:30 O clock train.
120. Please do the needful.
121. I cannot pull on together well with my wife.
122. I request you not to cut jokes with me.
123. I hope to get fever soon.
6. Expected Dialogues:-
1. A dialogue between two friends on city or village life.
2. A dialogue between two persons on students failure in the
3. A dialogue between a patient and a doctor.

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