English (Paper-A) Punjab University, Guess Papers, For BA/BSc Examination, 2012

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English (Paper-A) Punjab University, Guess Papers,
For BA/BSc Examination, 2012

(Expected Paragraphs)
1. Explain with reference to the context the following passages.
1. No time to turn at Beauty’s glance,
And watch her feet how they can dance
2. Her trembling lakes, like foamless seas,
Her bird delighting citon trees
In every purple vale!
3. Fall gently, sow flakes
Cover me with white
Cold icy kisses.
(Woman work)
4. I will dream
Long draughts of quiet
As a purgation
(New Year Resolutions)

5. In the company of dog lovers,
The rebel expresses a preference for cats
(The Rebat)
6. I go in the rain, and more than needs
Rope cuts both my wrists behind
(Patriot into Traitor)
7. No nightingale did ever chaunt
More welcome notes to weary bands
(Solitary Reaper)
8. They killed him with sword and spear
Then the skull opened its mouth,
Huntsman, how did you come here?
(The Huntsman)
9. I listened, motionless and still;
And, as I mounted up the hill,
The music in my heart I bore,
Long after it was heard no more
(Solitary Reaper)
10. Then practice of losing father, losing faster
Places and names and where it was you went
To travel
(One Art)
11. Jealous in honour
Sudden and quick in honour
(All the world a stage)
12. To hopeful eye of youth it still appears
A lane where the roses and hawthorns grow
(Arrival or Departure)
13. There is not any book
Of face of dearest book
That I would not turn from now
(Lights out)
14. I cannot rub the strangeness from my sight
I got from looking through a pane of glass
(After Apple Picking)
15. So little happens, the black dog
Cracking his fleas in the hot sun
(Deserted Village)
16. We slowly drove. He knew no haste
For his civility
(Because I could not stop for Death)
17. And when I feel, fair creature of an hour,
Never have relish in the faery power
Of unreflecting love!
(When I have fears)
18. I walked abroad
And saw the ruddy moon lean over a hedge
Like a red faced farmer
19. In the village churchyard there grows an old yew
Every spring if blossoms anew
Old passports can’t do that my dear
(Say this city has ten million souls)
20. Beware! Beware!
His flashing eyes, his floating hair
Weave a circle round his thrice
And close your eyes with holy dread
(Kubla Khan)
21. The fog comes
On little cat feet
It sits looking
Over the harbour and city
On silent haunches
And then moves on
22. And may be what they say is true
Of war and war’s alarms
But o that I were young again
And hold her in her arms.
23. A state of mind…. “ Husband died seven months ago “Must I pay the
interest or not? I ask you. Must I say, or must I not? Suppose your
husband is dead and you have got a state of mind and nonsense of that sort
and your steward’s gone away somewhere, devil take him, what tdo you
want me to do?
(The Bear)
24. Three times I have fought duels on account of women. I have refused
twelve women and nine have refused me. Yet there was a time when I
played the fool, scented myself, used honeyed words wore jewelery, made
beautiful rows.
25. People always say we’re the oldest and dullest family in the country.
Nothing ever happens to Sydneys. We never run away with mens wives or
their money or other things.
(Something to talk about)
26. Go out naked? No, you may not think it, my dear, but I do pay some
attention to respectabilities.
(Smokes Screen)
27. Can anyone fight life ____ successfully. Life is cunning and its underhand
and you fight straight yourself, and you fancy you are doing something
about it that’s rather fine. But life is crook and fights back ___ crooked.
28. Well, I will do what I can, sir. But breakfast at eight is the master’s rule
just as it used to be before you went away to the war.
(The Boy comes home)
29. It was an accident that I fell in love with john. I did not go manhunting.
But I do say, Lucy, if I d fallen for well, for a Charles, you’s, d have had
the right to exert your influence. I mean every influence. But John is a
happy accident.
(Smokes Screen)
30. Now, understand once and for all Philip, while you remain in my house I
expect not only punctuality, also civility and respect.
(The Boy comes Home)
Questions Based on Poems
1. William Davis in his poem ‘Leisure’ tells us that it is our own attitude
towards life that makes it so full of worries. How can we possible avoid.
2. How does the poet fulfil his dream of getting power on earth. The heroes
dream are pure and innocent.
3. New year Resolution is actually a piece of advice on leading good life in
this world. (Message of the Poem)
4. What are the three resolutions which Elizabeth Sewell wants to make at
the Arrival of New year?
5. What are the dreams of American woman as depicted in the poem
“Woman Work.”?
6. a) The protagonist in the Rebel is fake, not real.
b) Discuss the element of humour and satire in the poem. (The Rebel)
7. a) ‘Patriot into Trailor’ discusses the reversal of the fortune of a political
b) Discuss the poem as a dramatic monologue bringing out the irony and
pathos of the situation.
8. Do you think that the huntsman is responsible for his own death?
9. How do feelings of anger, jealousy and hatred spoil human happiness
‘Poison Tree by William Blake?
10. What are the seven stages of man’s life?
11. The poetess views death as a gentle and comfortable companion to man.
Do you agree?
12. How does the apple picker pick the apples. What ideas haunt the frmer
(poet) when he is picking apples?
13. Draw a picture of the deserted village in your own words.
14. What are the views of Keats on Love and Beauty? (I have fears)
15. Discuss the fantastic and dream like atmosphere of the poem (Kublai
16. Why does the poet want to become young again?
17. Answer in the light of the poem “Politics” decide to kill the snake. (Snake)
18. Do you agree with the poetess that the art of losing is not hard to master.
How can we master this art?
Expected Short Stories
1.(a) Who are the killers? Why do they want to kill Ole Anderson?
The killers is a thriller and crime story.
(b) Write short notes on
1. Ole Andreson 2. Nick Adam 3. George
2.(a) It is said about Rappaccini that he cares more for science than for
mankind. (Rappaccini as a scientist)
(b) Do you think that Beatrice is true and sincere in her love?
(c) Write short notes on the following:
1. Beatrice 2. Giavonni 3. Baglioni
3.(a) What were the expectations of Ustad Mangu on 1st April?
(b) Why did Ustad Mangu hate the English?
(c) What were the feelings of Ustad Mangu about 1st April?
(d) Ustad Mangu’s row with a Gora soldier.
4.(a) What is the real cause of conflict between Eva and Rosen?
(b) Do you think that Take Pity is a story of unusual heroism and
(c) Compare and contrast the character of Eva and Rosen.
5.(a) Steinbeck remarks when he thinks of the breakfast taken with the cotton
pickers, “It makes the rush of warmth” what did impress him most.

(b) What has made the boss in the Fly so desperate?
(c) Why does the fly mean in the story? (Symbolic meaning)
6.(a) The Happy Prince Tells the Swallow “There is no mystery as great as
misery” explain.
(b) Towards the end of the story, the mayor calls ‘Happy Prince’ little better
than a beggar. Discuss it.
(c) What is the role of swallow in the story?
7.(a) The necklace is a tragedy of a vain, proud and showy woman.
(b) She replaces the necklace at the cost of her life and marriage. Discuss
(Life after the loss of Necklace)
(c) She was born into a family of clerks, then why did she think of large
drawing rooms etc what are her dreams.
8.(a) How does the story Duchess and the Jeweller reflect the moral decadence
of the English aristocracy?
(b) How did the Duchess deceive the Jeweller?
(c) The Duchess is more loath some than the Jeweller.
9. Discuss the conflict and tension “In the story, the Shadow in the Rose
10.(a) Why did the soldier kill the panther?
(b) Write a brief sketch of Lisby?
(c) Simon keeps the little willow as a token of Lisby’s love which gives him
strength till his death. (Importance of willow tree)
(d) Who was Simon Byrne? How did he fall in love with Lisby?
1.(a) Write a note on the comic element in the play. ‘The Bear.’
(b) How does Popva behave after the death of her husband?
(c) Write an account of the quarrel between Popva and Smirnov. (Title of the
play explained)
(d) Write notes on
i. Smirnov ii. Popova
2.(a) How is the conflict between Philip and his uncle resolved?
(b) Write a character sketch of i. Philip ii. James
3.(a) What is the role of Bishop in the play “Something to talk about”?
(b) Wolf is a sheep in Wolf’s clothing.
(c) The play ‘Something to talk about’ is a comedy. Discuss it.
(d) Write notes on
i. Guy Sydney ii. Bishop iii. Lady Redchester
4.(a) Who is Prim Rose? Do you hate Prim Rose as an ill mannered girl?
(b) What kind of marriage did Lucy have?
7. Why did Prim Rose decide to marry the ugliest man of the city.
A Selection of Modern Essays
1.(a) What were the religious and cultural differences between the Muslims and
the Hindus that ultimately led to the creation of Pakistan?
(b) How can America contribute to the progress of Pakistan?
(c) What are the views of Liaquat Ali Khan on freedom.
2.(a) Discuss in brief the writer’s comparison of the situation in England before
the solar eclipse, during and after.
(b) Give an account of the disaster occurred on August 9, 1945 at Naga Saki.
3.(a) How did the writer behave during the destruction of Nagasaki by atom
(b) How does the writer compare and contrast spring season with winter?
(Description of spring or Description of winter).
(c) Whistling of Birds shows its writer’s love of Nature.
4.(a) What details does Gloria Emerson describe about the operation of the
parachute, the descent and landing?
(b) Describe the journey of the writer to the moon.
5.(a) Write a short note on W.B. Yate’s grandfather. How was he different from
his grandmother.
(b) Why didn’t the writer and his uncles think it wrong to outwit the
grandfather’s violence and rigour?
6.(a) Write a note on the importance of ‘saying please’?
(b) If bad manners are infectious, so are good manners. Discuss it.
(c) Compare and contrast the character of conductor and liftman.
7.(a) What are qualities of a good guest?
(b) Comment on Beerbohms ‘statement’ I take it that the virtue of hospitality
stands midway between churlishness and mere ostentation.
8.(a) Who are other healers in society?
(c) ‘Doctoring is an art, not a science’. Discuss it.
9.(a) Why does Leacock regard the tailor as immortal? Describe the writer’s
feelings when he found that his tailor had died?
(b) There is, I am certain a deep moral in this. But I will not try to draw it.
(My Tailor)
(c) What kind of character in “My Tailor” Stephen Leacock draws of the
10.(a) Discuss the factors responsible for the development of beauty industry.
(Beauty Industry)
(b) Why does Huxley compare a woman to porcelain jar?
11.(a) What is the dilemma of a bachelor as depicted in Herbert Golds’ The
Bachelors Dilemma?
(b) What are the views of E.M. Forster on (Tolerance)?
(c) What is nazi colution according to Huxley?
12.(a) What is gossip? How does it differ from information?
(b) What is the analytical aspect of gossip.
13.(a) Discuss which good things science can increase and which bad things it
can diminish.
(b) Discuss Chesterton’s offence for which he was interrogated by the
(c) Discuss the utility of vitamins on human body.
The Old Man and the Sea
1. Why did not Santiago mind when other fisher men made fun of him?
2. There are many good fishermen and some great ones. ‘But there is only
you’ says Manolin. Give an estimate of Santiago as a fisherman. (The Old
man as a skilful fisherman)
3. How is Santiago different from other fishermen?
4. How did the old man hook the fish?
5. which is the greater challenge for the old man? Struggle with the fish or
fight with sharks?
6. “Have they beaten me” he thought” I am too old to club sharks to death.
But I will try as long as I have the oars and the short club and the tailler.
7. who was the biggest challenge for the fisherman. Or at the end of the
novel, the old man asks Marolin to prepare the fishing gear once again?
Why does he do so? Or The old man in his struggle against the Marlin
does not get despaired because that would be worse than death)

8. How does Hemingway interpret that Hope and Confidence are two of the
pillars of success alongwith faith? (Santiago’s optimism.)
9. Describe Santiago’s trail of strength with the negro in the tavern at
10. What dreams did the old man dream when in his sleep?
11. Write short notes on
a. Santiago’s justification for killing the fish.
b. Santiago’s love for Di Maggio.
12. The old man looks upon Manolin as not only his apprentice but also his
friend and as equal. (A character sketch of Manolin).
13. The Sea plays an important part in the novel. How?
14. The old man says, “Fish, I love and respect you but I will kill you before
this day ends. Explain. (A character-sketch of fish)
15. What are the main principles of the old man to live his life with (Santiago
as a moral man)

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