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Last year I decided to spend my summer vacation with my uncle’s family in Lahore. Immediately after our school had closed, I left for Lahore. The journey was a long and tedious one. It was my first visit to Lahore.

My uncle’s house in Lahore is quite big, with green lawns on both sides. They were all very happy to have me with them.

While in Lahore. I enjoyed going here and there. I was much impressed with the fine view of the city. Lahore has two parts. In the old town the streets are narrow and is thickly populated. The other part wears a modern look with fine buildings built in the latest style. Lahore has many bazaars of which the Anarkali Bazaar is very famous. The Mall is a fine road which has fine shops on both sides of it. On it are found many impressive buildings such as the High Court, the General Post Office and the Government House.

Lahore is a place of great historical interest. I spent many days visiting many places worth seeing. The famous Shalamar Garden made me spell-bound at its very sight. When I saw the Lahore fort, I thought of the past glory of the Mughal Emperors. It is delightful to see Jahangir’s tomb. It is built of white marble and coloured stones. The famous Badshahi Mosque built by Aurangzeb is in this city. Close to this mosque lies the mazar of Allama Iqbal. We offered “Fateha” there.

One fine evening, we all went to see “Minar-i-Pakistan”. Its green grounds with the flower-beds impressed me greatly. I enjoyed playing and running with my uncles sons and daughters.

At Lahore, I passed the most pleasant time. I had all enjoyments at my disposal and no work to do. I spent most of my time in meeting my other relatives in Lahore. It was a real pleasure to talk and eat with them. Some of them gave me gifts.

This is how I passed the summer vacation.

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