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20th century was the age of science and 21st century is the age of wonders.Science is progressed by leaps and bounds.It has bought about many revolutions in the life of the man,rather science has changed the vary life and living of man.The wonders of sciences are to many the entire growth and advancement of science is really a vast subject.But some of the wonder which science has provided to the human race are decided lay remarkable.In the field of health many disease have been over come by science.It has conquered death and disease.

In the field of transport communication the science is amazing.In one day,we can visit many cities of the world.Distance and time have ceased to hold any barrier in this age of science and technology.

Atomic energy is one of the most wonderful blessing of science.This energy not only promises or satisfy the immense needs of this energy-hunger civilization but can work mirates because it is many times more powerful than electricity.It can run a large amount of industries at a time even by applying scientific method and agriculture,the yields of farms as multiplied on the whole,the wonders of science are countless.

Science has taught us to swim like fish in water and fly like bird in air.It has given many comfort and facilities to man like telephone,telegram,television,computers,internet,mobile,air condition building.All these are the matter of fact,the wonder of science.

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