Important Questions Of CARNOT ENGINE

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Q-1) A Carnot engine operates between 317 °C and 67 °C. What is its efficiency?


Q-2) An ideal carnot engine takes heat from a source at 317 ˚C, due some work and deliver the remaining energy to heat sink at 117 °C.  If 500 Kcal of heat is taken from the source, how much work is done?

ii) How much heat is delivered to sink?


(710 KJ, 330.508 Kcal)


Q-3) Find the efficiency of Carnot engine between 150 °C and 50 °C?


Q-4) Heat engine perform work of 1.8 x 10° J. the efficiency of engine is 30%. Calculate the loss heat?

(4.1 x 10 9 J)

Q-5) A heat engine performs 200J of work in each cycle and has efficiency of 20%. For each cycle of operation a) How much heat is absorbed b) How much heat is expelled?

(1000J, 800J)

Q-6) A heat engine operates between two reservoirs at temperature of 25°C and 300°C. What is the maximum efficiency for this engine?


Q-7) The low temperature reservoirs f a Carnot engine is 7°C and has an efficiency of 400%. It is desired to increase the efficiency to 50%. By how much degree the temperature of hot reservoir is increased?


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