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By social work is meant the work by which we can help the poor people of the society. AU the people living in a society arc not rich nor are they all poor. Some of them are rich, some are neither rich nor poor and some, again, are poor. For want of money the poor people cannot live a normal life.

People live together in an organized community. So the society is just like a body of which the different classes of people living there in ‘are its different parts. These parts are organically joined together and if one part is diseased, the other parts cannot remain unaffected. If, for example, cholera breaks out in a quarter of the society, it would be foolish on our part to shut our eyes against that thinking that it will spare us. Hence arises the need of social work.

There are innumerable ills from which the society suffers. The first and foremost social work, in my opinion, consists in driving away illiteracy from the poor people of the society. Active steps should be taken for the education of their children in schools and

their education in night schools. Efforts should be made to free them from superstition to which, for ignorance, most of them are immersed. They should be taught the value of cleanliness and induced to take anti-epidemic measures so that they may be free from the diseases to which they ordinarily fall victims.

During floods the social worker may move from house to house and console the poor people with words of sympathy. Necessary help should be given to those who are in difficulty and distress. Further steps may be taken for their inoculation to check cholera and typhoid that usually break out after such natural calamity. Similar steps may be taken after cyclones.

The anti-social elements should be reformed by persuation with, convincing aments. They may be made to understand that their actions are harmful to the very best interest of the society of which they are a part and parcel.

The dowry system is another curse. The rich as well as the poor are now suffering more or less similarly from this social curse. Steps may be taken to make all realize the hollowness of the system and induce them to discard it altogether. Efforts may also be made to convince them about the futility of lavish expenditure for marriages and similar other social functions.

The social workers should make all possible efforts to root out begging from the society. Suitable jobs may be offered to them to turn them from begging to work.

These are some of the social works which appeal to me most.

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