Newton’s Third Law of Motion

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Newton’s Third Law of Motion


To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction.

For example, if a body A exerts force on body B (F(A) on B) in the opposite direction. This force is called reaction. Then according to third law of motion.


1. When a gun is fired, the bullet flies out in forward direction. As a reaction of this action, the gun reacts in backward direction.

2. A boatman, when he wants to put his boat in water pushes the bank with his oar, The reaction of the bank pushes the boat in forward direction.

3. While walking on the ground, as an action, we push the ground in the backward direction. As a reaction ground pushes us in the forward direction.

4. In flying a kite, the string is given a downward jerk and is then released. Thereupon the reaction of the air pushes the kite upward and makes it rise higher.
Tension in a String

Consider a body of weight W supported by a person with the help of a string. A force is experienced by the hand as well as by the body. This force is known as Tension. At B the hand experiences a downward force. So the direction of force at point B is downward. But at point A direction of the force is upward.

These forces at point A and B are tensions. Its magnitude in both cases is same but the direction is opposite. At point A,

Tension = T = W = mg

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