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1. Today after I (get) ____ out of class, I (go) ____ to a movie with some friends.


2. When you (arrive) ____ inKarachi, call my friend Ali. He (show) ____ you around the city aid help you get situated.

3. A: Do you know what you want to do after you (graduate) ____?

B: After I (receive) ____ my Master’s twinKarachiUniversity. I (go) ____ to graduate school at UCSD inSan Diego. I (plan) ____ to complete a Ph.D. in cognitive science.

4. If it (snow) this weekend, we (go) ____ skiing near lake.


5. Your father (plan) ____ to pick you up after school today at 3:00 o’clock. He (meet) ____ you across the street near the ice cream shop. If something happens and he cannot be there, I (pick) ____ you up instead.

6. If the people of the world (stop, not) ____ cutting down huge stretches of rain forest, we (experience) ____ huge changes in the environment during the twenty-first century.


7. If he (keep) ____ drinking, she (lose, eventually) ____ her job.


8. I promise you that I (tell, not) your secret to anybody. Even if somebody (ask) ____ me about what happened that day, I (reveal, not) ____ the truth to a single person.

9. She (make) ____ some major changes in her life. She (quit) ____ her job and go back to school. After she (finish) ____ studying, she (get) ____  a better paying job and buy a house. She is going to improve her life.


10. Ali (call) ____when he (arrive) ____ inLondon. He (stay) ____with you for two or three days until his new apartment be ____ available.

With the best receipts for avoiding all mistakes of the kind
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