Properties of Ionic Compounds

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Properties of Ionic Compounds:

Following are the main characteristics of ionic compounds.

1. In ionic compounds a large no of ions are present and there is no concept of molecule opposite charged ions are present in the crystals of ionic compounds in a definite pattern. In the crystal lattice each ions is surrounded by a fixed numbers of opposite charged ions. Therefore strong electrostatic force of attraction acts is in all directions in ionic compounds.


2. They mostly exist in solid state.


3. They have high melting and boiling point.

4. They are soluble in water and polar solvent. When ionic compounds are added in solvent ions of ionic compounds are surrounded by the polar molecules of solvent. This process is known as solvation. Energy is normally released in this process called “energy of solvation”.

5. Ionic compounds are good conductor of electricity is aqueous solution or in molten state. Thus known as electrolytes. This is due to the ionization of ionic compound in water to produce (+ve) and (-ve) ions.

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