Resolution of a Vector Into Rectangular Components

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Resolution of a Vector Into Rectangular Components



Splitting up a single vector into its rectangular components is called the Resolution of a vector.

Rectangular Components

Components of a vector making an angle of 90º with each other are called rectangular components.


Let us consider a vector F represented by OA, making an angle O with the horizontal direction.

Draw perpendicular AB and AC from point on X and Y axes respectively. VectorsOBand OC represented by Fx and Fy are known as the rectangular components of F. From head to tail rule of vector addition.


F = Fx + Fy


To find the magnitude of Fx and Fy, consider the right angled triangle OBA.

Fx / F = Cos θ => Fx = F cos θ

Fy / F = sin θ => Fy = F sin θ


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