Summary of Air Travel

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  • Air travel has become very popular and common these days.
  • The invention of radar has made air travel quite safe but the developments of Jet Propulsion had made it very fast.
  • The first man to fly was Pilarte de Rozier a Frenchman. He went up in a hot-air balloon in 1873.
  • Later Giffard, a Frenchman used a steam engine in an airship in 1882.
  • His airship was lighter than air. Its speed was 5 miles an hours and the moving air disturbed it.
  • In 1884, the French engineers, Renard and kerbs. Flew an air ship by an electric motor at a speed of thirteen miles an house.
  • Otto, a German invented the internal combustion engine inside which the fire burns that is used in cars.
  • Afterwards, Langley and the Wright brothers in America used the petrol engine in aeroplanes.
  • Aeroplanes were heavier than air.
  • Bleriot, a Frenchman, flew his aeroplanes across theEnglish Channelin 1909.
  • Germany and other countries started using the aeroplanes for bombing and fighting in the air.
  • After the First World War, regular air services began between London and Paris and across theAtlantic.
  • Later Jet engines come to be used in aeroplanes.
  • Aeroplanes, then, could travel at high speeds over 4000 miles with stopping.
  • The fighter can not fly at over 3000 miles an hour, more than the speed of sound.

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