Syntax Of Statements

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Statement Purpose
CLS To clear the current screen.
DATA To supply data items to READ statement
DEF FN To define a user’s function.
DIM To create an array.
DRAW To draw objects in graphics mode.
END To terminate the execution of program.
ERASE To delete the arrays from memory.
FOR.. NEXT To construct an unconditional fixed loop.
GOSUB.. RETURN To branch to and back from a subroutine.
GOTO To transfer the control unconditionally.
IF … THEN … ELSE Checks an expression and acts accordingly.
INPUT To accept data from keyboard.
LET To assign a value or expression to variable.
LINE To draw lines or boxes in graphics mode.
LOCATE To position the cursor at specified location.
LPRINT To print constants or expressions on printer.
PAINT To fill the objects with specified color.
PSET To draw a point in graphics mode.
READ To read data from DATA statement.
REM or To insert comments in a program line.
RESTORE To use DATA statement(s) again.
SCREEN To set the screen mode (text or graphics)
WHILE … WEND To construct a conditional loop.
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