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Good friends are rare in this world. One may have several friends in the school or college but a real friend is rarely to be found. A real friendship is made up of several things.A true friend is selfless. He must be firm and fearless. A good friend is not afraid of displeasing us when we go wrong. Flattery is no part of a good friend. When we are in trouble a good friend should come forward to help us. This is the test of friendship.

Considering these points I am fortunate to have a friend of whom I am proud of. His name is Imtiaz. I have known him for the last six years. We live in the same locality and study in the same class.
Imtiaz is tall and good-looking. His forehead is big and his eyes are bright. He is well-behaved and cultural. He is very intelligent. At the same time he is honest, sincere and straightforward. He is very obedient and respects his parents and teachers.

My friend is good at studies but he is not a book-worm. He takes keen interest in sports and games. He is a good player of cricket. He led the school team several times. Everybody admires when he bats. The school is proud of him. I greatly value his sportsmanship and culture. It is a pleasure to talk to him. Within five minutes, he will be able to impress you with his conversation. He will express his point of view in such a way that you will be converted to his views.He is not blind to the values of friend. Himself a model of excellence and virtue, he never tries to pick holes in my coat.

If he ever criticizes faults, he does it so gently that I never feel offended. His company is a source of pleasure to me. One cannot be sad in his company. He makes you laugh heartily. He is a boy who smiles at cares and laughs at sorrow. In short, his friendship is the greatest boon God has bestowed upon me.

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