ZOOLOGY 2012 Guess Paper

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Time: 02 hours                                                 (Pre-Medical)                          Marks: 40

For Section A:  MCQs Section Practice the Given Exercises from Past Papers.

Section B:  Attempt Any 10 Questions out of 15 questions, Section C: Any 2 questions out of 3 Question. 

Section B & C

Q.1 (A). Describe the structure of Nephron and explain the regulatory functions of Kidney?

Write the structure and function of different parts of the Human Brain. (Diagram Also)

Describe in detail the process of locomotion in protozoa with the help of diagrams.

Describe the process of locomotion in Hydra, Jelly Fish and Star Fish. Euglena
Q.1 (B). Briefly describe the hydrostatic Skeleton

Differentiate B/w Nervous coordination and Chemical Coordination.  Symbiosis and Commensalisms

Write notes on the following

Peripheral Nervous System (PNS), Cystic Fibrosis Huntington’s disease.

Q.1 c) Define Thermoregulation in man

Q.2 (A). What is Joint? Describe the different kinds of a Joint found in human Skeleton.

Explain the movement in Human Shoulder with Diagram. Or Define Types of Muscles

Define Innate and Learned Behavior. Describe various types of learning behavior.
Q.2 (B). Define Aging. Explain the causes of Aging.

What are common skeleton-related diseases in man? Explain any two of them. Or Deformities of Bone

Name different types of Asexual Reproduction. Explain any ONE of them.
Q.2 (C). Write notes on the following.

Locomotion in Cockroach, Abnormal Muscle,   Egg fertilization, Development in Chick

Q.3 (A). Explain in detail the Male Reproductive System/female Reproductive System and draw neat and labeled diagram.

Describe with the help of diagram the changes in Ovary and the Uterus during Menses cycle.

Breifly Explain Ovarian Cycle and Oestrous Cycle.
Q.3 (B). Explain Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. Or define Diencephalon

Define Osmoregulation in Fishes or in terrestrial animals.

Discuss any three types of Nervous Disorder
Q.3 (C).Write a brief note on Gonorrhea and AIDS.
Q.3 (D). What types of hormones are produced by human placenta?


Define Pollution. Write its name and briefly explain any two.
Q.4 (A). Describe Lamarck’s They of Evolution with examples and state the objections to it.

Describe the development of a chick up to the formation of three germinal layers with the help of diagrams.

Q.4 (B). Define a Neuron and write down the names of different types of Neuron.

Draw only the labeled diagram of L.S of a hen’s egg.

Give the names and functions of the hormones secreted by Pituitary gland.

Note on thyroid Gland

Write notes on the following

Thyroid Gland, DNA finger Printing,  disorders of Abnormal Development , Symbiosis and Commensalisms, Test Tube Baby
Q.4 (C). Describe main changes that take during metamorphosis in Tadpole larva of frog with the help of diagrams.

Q.5 (A). Describe some uses and applications of Biotechnology.

What is Energy? Write down its type. Explain any there types in detail.

Write a note on evidences from Vestigial organs.

Define Ecosystem. Mention the biotic and abiotic facts of an Ecosystem.

Define Green House Effect or Acidic rain

Differentiate between Renewable and Non-Renewable resources of energy.

Draw only the graphic diagram of Nitrogen cycle.
Q.5 (C). What is Gene Therapy? How is it helpful in treating diseases?
Q.5 (D). Write a short note on Regeneration or Adrenal Gland Or Dialysis

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