1st Year Botany Guess Paper 2012

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                        ANNUAL EXAM 2012                                   Total Marks:       45

                    Section A (18 MCQs) MARKS:            09

For MCQs Please Practice the Given Exercise at the end of each chapters.

                        SECTION B: SHORT QUESTIONS ANSWERS MARKS:            MARKS: 22


Attempt 11 Questions Out Of 16 Questions   (Answer in 4 To 5 Lines)


  1. Define Phytophthora infestans.
  2. Describe Sexual reproduction in Ulva.
  3. Define the groups of Fungi.
  4. Define Respiration with its types.
  5. Describe Sexual and Asexual reproduction in Yeasts.
  6. Define the modes of Nutrition in Plants.
  7. Define electron Transport Chain.
  8. Describe the Respiration in Amoeba.
  9. Insectivores Plant with structure of any one.
  10. Write down the characteristics of Bryophytes and Tracheophytes (With Their Sub Division).
  11. Define Photosynthesis Write a chemical Equation of Photosynthesis.and its types or its factors.
  12. Short Note on Cloning.
  13. Structure and Function of Cell membrane, Cell Wall and chloroplast.
  14. Define the Structure of cytoskeleton.
  15. On what three things Microscope depend define?
  16. Define AIDS.
  17. Define The Following:

a) Immunity b) Pilli c) Hormogonia d) Photosystem I e) Ribosomes f) Dictyosome  g) Photophosphorylation  h)Mitochondria  i) Lipids j) Endocytosis k)Photorespiration l)Hydroponics m) Symbiotic  n) Antibodies o) Diffusion p) Conjugation Q) Binary fission. R) Hydroponics s) Plasmolysis T) Protoplasm U) Endoplasmic Reticulum v) Centrifugation X) Turgidity Y) Turgor Z) Pressure. Alternation of Generation. Active and Passive Transport. Gymnosperm Angiosperm

  1.  Economical importance of Following Families also with floral diagram and floral formula.  a) Fabaceace b) Solanacea c) Rosaceae d) Mimosaceae
  2.  Define Bacteria on The basis of Morphological Classification 2) Nutritional Classification
  3. Define the major groups of Plants and Label Structure of Pinus Male cone
  4. Define Vascular tissues as xylem and phloem.
  5. What is ascent of sap? Also write it Track and name of Theories with Scientist.
  6. Define Transpiration with its types.
  7.  Define the locomotion in Following: a) Bacteria 2) Amoeba
  8. Describe Rhizopus/ Economical Importance of Yeast.
  9. All biological Names of Plants.
  10. Write Three events that take place in phosphorylation.



ATTEMPT 2 DETAILED QUESTIONS OUT OF 3.                                                            MARKS:      14


  1. What is Bacteriophage? Describe its lysogenic or Lytic cycle with diagram and diseases cause by it.
  2. Explain Lipids or Protein or Conjugated Molecules  and Carbohydrates.
  3. Explain the structure and Reproduction in Ulva or Plasmodium or Selagenella
  4. Define Transpiration with its mechanism and label diagram.
  5. Write any one theory for transpiration or explain Asect of Sap mechanism with its factors.
  6. Explain Hepatitis With its Types.
  7. Explain Photophosphorylation.
  8. With Label Diagram describe life cycle of Fern.
  9. Explain Fluid Mosaic Model.
  10. Expalins AIDS.
  11. Write down the viral Diseases of Plant and Animals
  12. Define Photosynthesis. Describe light Reaction or Dark reaction.
  13. Explain Kerb’s cycle or Glycolysis.
  14. What is electron Trabsport chain explain with Diagram.
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