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Multiplication 2 to 20 Tables : PDF Download

Hey, I think you are looking for Tables 2 to 20. Ok in this post I am sharing the multiplication table with my personal school days story.

Multiplication Tables 2 to 20 – PDF Download

Why You Need To Memorise 2 To 20 Tables (My Story)

Multiplication tables are very important for students who want to carry good marks in mathematics. Because in the examination time you will get a limited time to write your answers.

As an average student, In my school days most of the time, I usually forget the Multiplication Tables 2 to 20 in my exam hall. I think most of you are also experience this fact. So, I need extra time for any of the simple calculations.

How To Learn Tables From 2 to 20

In my case, I spend a lot of time remembering those boring multiplication tables 2 to 20.

You are lucky, the hidden tips I found after a lot of trial and error in my school days which I am going to share in this post, just go through the table, and end of this post you will learn the method.

Multiplication 2 to 20 Tables – PDF Download

Table of 2 Table of 12
Table of 3 Table of 13
Table of 4 Table of 14
Table of 5 Table of 15
Table of 6 Table of 16
Table of 7 Table of 17
Table of 8 Table of 18
Table of 9 Table of 19
Table of 10 Table of 20
Table of 11

Note- Tips to remember the multiplication table

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