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Q1. Who came into Abou-Ben-Adhem’s room?

Ans. An angel came into Abou-Ben-Adhem’s room.


Q2. What did Abou-Ben-Adhem ask the angel and what did the angel reply?

Ans. He asked the angel what he was writing in the book. The reply Abou heard was that he was writing the names of all those people who love God. About asked the angel curiously if his name was in the list. The angel replied was negative. He then politely requested the angel to write his name as those people who love God’s fellow men. The angel wrote wrote and disappeared.


Q3. What did God bless Ben Adhem for?

Ans. God blessed Ben Adhem for his love for his follow beings. The last two lines tell us that God loved those who loved mankind. Abou Ben Adhem was a pious man. One night he saw an angel in his room. In a golden book, he was writing the names of those who loved God. Abou’s name was not there in the list. He requested the angel to write his name in the list of those who loved human beings. The angel did so and disappeared. The next night he came again. He had a list of those who were loved by God. Abou was pleasured to see that his name was at the top of that list.


Q4. What idea do you get from the poem “Abou Ben Adhem”?

Ans. This poem conducts the idea that we should love humanity and care for people.

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