ADVANCED ACCOUNTING 2002 (Regular/ Private)

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ADVANCED ACCOUNTING 2002 (Regular/ Private)


Time : 3 Hours                Max. Marks:100


Instructions: Attempt any FIVE questions.


Pak Company Ltd. Was registered with an authorized Capital of Rs.50,00,000 divided into 5,00,000 ordinary shares of Rs.10 each. The Company’s books showed the following balances on June 30, 2002:


Title of Accounts Debit Credit
Cash in bank 63,000
Accounts Receivable 1,00,000
Allowance for bad debts 3,000
Office Supplies 12,000
Merchandise Inventory 1.7.01 1,50,000
Prepaid Insurance 8,000
Machinery — cost 12,00,000
Allowance for Depreciation- Machinery 1,20,000
Preliminary Expenses 6,000
Accounts payable 30,000
10% Bond Payable 2,00,000
Paid up Capital 8,00,000
Retained Earnings 2,10,000
Sales Revenue 7,00,000
Interest Revenue 7,000
Sales Return & Allowance 20,000
Purchases 4,00,000
Transportation – in 40,000
Sales Return & Allowance 20,000
Purchases 4,00,000
Transportation – in 40,000
Purchases Returns & Allowances 30,000
Salaries Expenses 50000
Rent Expenses 36,000
Income Tax Expenses 10,000
Advertising Expenses 5,000
  21,00,000 21,00,000


Data for adjustments on June30, 2002:

(a) Rent expenses for the year amounted to Rs.30,000

(b) Merchandise Inventory was valued on June 30, 2002 at Rs.1 ,60,000.

(c)  Provide allowances for depreciation on machinery for the year Rs.80000

(d) Allowance for bad debts Rs.5,000 for the year

(e) Appropriate Rs.50.000 for Plant extension and Rs.40,000 for contingencies.

(f) Declared Cash dividend 10% on Capital.



(a) Prepare a classified Income Statement for the year ended June 30, 02 and also a statement of Retained Earnings

(b) Prepare a Balance Sheet as of June 30, 2002 in classified form.



The following items are taken from the financial statements of SHALIMAR COMPANY LTD. at June 30, 2002.


Cash 50,000

Marketable Securities 30,000

Notes Receivable (due in six months) 20,000

Prepaid Expenses 20,000

Account Receivable-net 3,00,000

Merchandise Inventory 2,00,000

Land 2,00,000

Machinery — Net 6,00,000

Accounts payable 2,50,000

Notes Payable (due in Three months) 50,000

10% debenture payable 2,60,000

Share Capital (Rs.10 per share) 6,00,000

Retained Earnings 1,40,000

Reserve for plant extention. 1,00,000

Sales (including Cash Sales 2,00,000 20,00,000

Gross Profit on Sales 30%

Advances from customers 5,000

Operating Expenses 2,40,000

Market Price per share is Rs.151=



Compute the following:

(i) Working Capital. (ii) Current Ration.

(iii) Acid Test Ratio. (iv) Earning per share.

(v) Earning Ratio. (vi) Inventory Turn over.

(vii) Receivable Turn over

(viii) Rate of Net Income on sales.



2.(b) The following data are taken from the FAST Company:


Year 2002 2001 2000 1999
Sales Rs. 450,000 360,000 330,000 321,000
Net Income 22950 14,550 21,450 19,200



Compute trend percentages for sales and net Income.



The comparative balance sheet of FAISAL CORPORATION at June 30, 2001 and 2002 are as follows:


DEBIT BALANCES 30.6.02 30.6.01
Cash 9000 5,000
Accounts Receivable 29,000 35,000
Merchandise Inventories 50,000 57,500
Prepaid Expenses 7,000 4,000
Machinery 1,00,000 90,000
Land 50,000 60,000
Good will 15000 20,000
2,60,000 2,71,500
Accounts payable 28,000 35,000
Accrued expenses 26,000 20,000
Allowance for Depreciation Machine 30,000 22,000
10% Bonds Payable 40,000 50,000
Share capital 1,00,000 1,00,000
Retained Earnings 36,000 44,500
2,60,000 2,71,500


The following additional data are given:

(a) Land Costing Rs.10000 was sold for Rs.20,000.

(b) Machinery costing Rs.20,000 was sold for Rs.9,000 At the time of sale the book value of Machinery was Rs.12000.

(c) Cash dividend of Rs.20 000 was paid during the year.



(a) Compute the working capital provided by operating activities.

(b) Compute net cash flow from operating activities.

(c) Prepare a statement of sources and Application of fund for the year ended June 30. 2002.

(d) Assuming net sales for the year 2002 to be Rs.250000, calculate the cash collection from customers during 02.



The trial balance of pindi branch of ASHRAF COMPANY on December 31, 2001 is given below. The Head Office bills the branch for merchandise at cost plus 25%.


Titles of Account Debit Credit
Cash 5,000
Office supplies 800
Merchandise Inventory January 1 16,000
Accounts Receivable 15,000
Land 12,000
Office Equipment 8,000
Allowance for Depreciation Equip 500
Accounts Payable 7,000
Notes Payable 3,000
Head Office 53,100
Sales 60,000
Sales returns & allowances 3,000
Purchases 5,000
Transportation — in 400
Purchases returns & allowances 600
Merchandise received from Head Office 50,000
Merchandise returned to H.O 2,000
Selling expenses 5,000
General expenses 6,000
Total Rs. 1,26,200 1,26,200


Additional information on December 31. 2001

(a) Office supplies used Rs.500.

(b) Prepaid selling expenses. Rs,700

(c) Accrued general expenses Rs.800

(d) Depreciation on office equipment Rs.500.

(e) Merchandise Inventories: 1.1.2001 31 .12.2001

  1.1.2001 31 .12.2001
Received from Head office at Bill Price Rs. 12000 15000
Purchase from outsiders at cost. 4000 3800
Total 16000 18800



(a) Prepare adjusting and closing entries in the books of Pindi branch.

(b) Prepare entries in the Journal of Head Office to incorporate Pindi branch profit or loss and to adjust the allowance for over-valuation account and also close out the Pindi branch profit & loss account.



UMAIR & COMPANY sells merchandise on installment basis. The transactions for the year ended December 31, 2001 are as under:

1. Merchandise inventory Jan.1, 2001 1,50,000

2. Purchased merchandise on account 4,00,000

3. Purchased merchandise for cash. 2,00,000

4. Sold merchandise on Installment basis 8,00,000

5. Collection of installment AIR of 2001 3,00,000

6. Collection of installment AIR 1999 50,000

7. Collection of installment accounts receivable of 2000 1,00,000

8. Payments made to creditors 2,50,000

9. Installment accounts receivable of 1999 in the amount of Rs8000 was cancelled because of default but the merchandise could not be repossessed.

10. Expenses paid 25,000

11. Merchandise inventory Dec. 31, 2001 2,70,000

Note: Gross profit rate 1999 — 42% ,  2000 — 44%



Record the above transactions in the general journal and also give adjusting and closing entries at December 31, 2001 assuming the company follows the PERPETUAL INVENTORY system.



The balance sheet of BILAL COMPANY Ltd. On June 30, 2002 was as under-



Cash 15000

Merchandise inventory 55000

Accounts Receivable 75000

Land 100000

Plant Assets 300000

Retain Earning 100000

Total = 645000



Account payable 45,000
Allowance for Depreciation- plant 60,000

5% Debenture payable 1,00,000

Share capital (44000 share @ 10 each) 4,40,000

Total = 6,45,000


The above company is absorbed by OWAIS COMPANY Ltd. On the following terms:

1. All assets and liabilities to be taken at book value.

2. For new shares of Rs.10 each for every five shares held were issued to the shareholders of the oldCo.

3. The debenture holders of the old company are issued new 10% debenture at a premium of 5%.

4. The realization expenses of old company Rs.3000 to be paid by the new company.



a. Compute the amount of purchase.

b. Entries in the books of Bilal Company Ltd.

c. Entries in the books of Owais Company Ltd.



During April the following reciprocal transactions were performed by the Head Office and itsQuettabranch.


April 6 Head Office supplied merchandise to the branch at a cost Rs. 10,000 which was billed at 25% above cost.

April 10 cash remitted to the Head Office by theQuettabranch Rs.8000.

April 17 Merchandise returned by theQuettabranch to the Head Office at billed price Rs.1,000.

April 20 branch expenses paid by the Head Office Rs.2000

April 26 The Head Office supplied furniture to theQuettabranch costing Rs.4000.

April 27 The Head Office paid theQuettabranch accounts payable of Rs.8000 after discount deduction of Rs.200.

April 28 The Quetta branch collected the Head Office accounts receivable of Rs.6000 after discount deduction of 150.

April 30 The Quetta branch reported a net profit accounts on the books Rs.5000.



Record the above transactions in the books of Quetta Branch and the Head Office.




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