Analog Computer and Digital Computer

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Analog Computer and Digital Computer

A Computer is a problem-solving tool that accepts data, stores it performs certain operations on that data, and presents the results of those operations.

A computer is generally thought of as belonging to one of two categories, analog computer and digital computer depending on the logic it uses.

1. Analog Computer

It is such a computer that recognizes data as continuous measurement of physical properties. Voltage, pressures, speed and temperature are some of the physical properties that are measured in this way. For example, a furnace thermostat may be considered as analog computer.


2. Digital Computer

It is such a high-speed programmable, electronic device that recognizes data by counting discrete signals representing either a high (on) or low (off) voltage state of electricity. It performs mathematical calculations, compare values, and store the results.

3. Desktop Computer

A Desktop computer is too heavy and cumbersome to carry around easily, but they are certainly more portable than are mainframes.


4. Laptop Computer

A Laptop computer is small and lightweight enough to carry easily.

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