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Note: Attempt all questions:



Human memory, formerly believed to be rather inefficient, is really more sophisticated than that is a computer. Researcher approaches approaching the issue from different points of view have all concluded that there is a great deal more stored in our minds that what is generally supposed.

Dr. Wilder Pinifield, a Canadian neurosurgeon, proved that by stimulating brain electricity, he could elicit that total recall of specific events in his subjects, lives. Even dreams and minor events supposedly forgotten for many years suddenly emerged in detail.

The memory trace is the term for whatever is the internal representation of the specific information about the event stored in the memory. Assumed to have been made by the structural changes in the brain, the memory trace is not subject to direct observation but is rather a theoretical concept that we used to speculate about how information is represented at a particular time can cause performance at a later time. Most theories include the strength of the memory trace as a variable in the degree of learning, retention and retrieval possible for a memory. One theory is that the fantastic capacity for storage in the brain is the result of an almost unlimited combination of interconnections between brains cells stimulate by patterns of activity. A repeated reference to the same information supports recall or improved performance is the result of strengthening the chemical bonds in the memory.

(i) For each of the following words/phrases find words/phrases in the passage with a similar meaning:

a. Highly complex

b. Supposed

c. Extra ordinary ability

d. To guess

e. Possibility of restoration


ii) How far can human memory work?

iii) What do you understand by memory trace?

iv) What has been proved byDr.Wilder Pinifield?

v) Suggest a suitable title for the passage.


2. Write a summary of the above passage (Question No.1)



Read the following passage, an extract from your test book and answer the question given below:


In being a student consists of getting one’s daily study as near the optimum point as possible. I can not tell you what the optimum is. It differs with the type of work, it differs from person to person, and even in the same person it varies from week to week. You must try to find your own. Every day you study, bear this principle of the optimum in mind. Which you feel yourself getting fatigued, if you find yourself repeatedly reading over the same paragraph and not taking it in, that’s pretty good sign you’ve reached the cest for the day and should stop.


i) Name the text from which the above passage has been taken?

ii) What is meaning of “optimum point”?

iii) Do you face any problem when you while study?

iv) How much do you enjoy studying?


4. Answer any TWO of the following questions.

i) How does the teacher treat Charles? What kind of things does she have him do in the classroom?

ii) Why did Ella Mc Carthy’s dull afternoon suddenly brighten up?

iii) Why was the beggar always eager to narrate his story of how he lost his sight?

iv) Discuss the surprise ending of “The story of an hour”?

v) Why did Laurie invent Charles?




a) Fill in the blanks with the appropriate forms of verb in the brackets:

You __ (go) to drive all through the night? You __ (be) crazy. You __ (exhaust) before you (arrive). Why __ you __ (not/take) a train?


b) Complete the conversation. Decide if you need a, an or the.

Martin: I think we ought to book __ holiday. Where shall we go?

Anna: what about __Scotland?

Martin: __ weather might not be very good.

Anna: How can you say such __ thing?

Martin: Actually, I’d prefer somewhere warmer and by __ sea.


c) Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions:

Sally recoiled __ the sight of Gerry, who had said something unspeakable. Rupert’s new car looks more __ an aero plane. I can’t find my keys. I had them a minute __. This job is similar __ any old one. The baby sitter will stay there __ we get home.


d) Ask 5 WH questions to a driver about Traffic problems.


e) Change the following into Indirect Speech:

‘Stay in bed for a few days’, the doctor said to me.

John says ‘Do you think, you could give me a hand, Tom’?

‘Don’t shout’ I said to Jim


f) Change the voice:

i) My grand gather built this house in 1930.

ii) The company employs two hundred people.

iii) Careless driving causes accidents.

iv) People don’t use this road very often.

v) How do people learn languages?



Write an essay on any ONE of the following topics:

(a) The role if Media and its effects.

(b) T-20 World Cup 2012

(c) Advantages and disadvantages of being a working woman

(d) Importance of commerce education

(e) E-Commerce inPakistanor Online banking inPakistan


7. Prepare your C.V and a covering letter in response to the following advertisement in a newspaper:

“We want you: if you are a first class Commerce graduate, are computer literate and have good communication skills. The post offered in Asst. Manager Finance. If you are ready to accept challenging careers apply within a week of the publication of this ad. Send you letter and C.V to Box No. 005, C/o “The Daily nation”.


Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper expressing your views on “Effects of price rise on the common people”. Behavior, george eliot dissects the motive of help with my math homework the behavior?

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