B.com Part 2 – Business Communication 2004 Regular Paper

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Time : 3 Hours                Max. Marks:100


Instructions: Attempt any Five questions Including Question No. 9 which is compulsory.


1. Define Communication and state the factors involved in the process of Communication. Also draw a diagram. (20)

2. Why it is necessary to plan business communication? Discuss all planning steps with necessary details. (20)


3.a) “Listening is learning”. Justify the statement and explain the difference between hearing and listening. (08)

b) “A leader’s task in a business meeting is to guide, motivate, encourage, persuade, listen, and not to dictate. Explain. (1 2)


4. Prepare a set of two letters — Favourable and Unfavourable replies to an inquiry regarding financial status of a firm inIslamabad. (20)


5. a) What are the uses of a Sales Promotion letter? Explain each one briefly. (05)

b) You have recently imported the latest model of T.V. Sets fromJapan. (15)

Required: Draft a sales letter in proper form to be mailed to perspective customers inducing them to visit your show room for making their selection.


6. a) “The Resume provides a quick means of referring to factual details”. Explain the statement and state the contents of ‘Resume’. (05)

b) As per advertisement in ‘DAWN of its Sunday issue, Kashif Industries, Karachi, requires the services of a computer literate Commerce graduate to work as Assistant

Accountant. (15)

Required: Assume yourself as a deserving candidate and write a job letter. Give imaginary details.


7.a) Define Business Report and its characteristics. (05)

b) The management of Abdullah Company is experiencing a decline in sales inPeshawarregion. (15)

Required: As Sales Executive of the company, write a letter Report to the Managing Director, pointing out the possible causes and Solutions of the problems.


8.a) Write TRUE or FALSE against each of the following statements: (10)

i) Business Communication is a one-way process.

ii) The process of communication is carried on between two communicators.

iii) Message is the content of information being transmitted by verbal means only.

iv) A manager uses most of his time in written communication.

v) The FEED BACK is the positive response that SENDER may get from the RECEIVER of the message.

vi) By Clarity means that a business-writing piece should be quite clear to read.

vii) FRAUD may be defined as “Intentional misrepresentation of material facts’.

viii) The process of communication is the foundation of management functions.

ix) Listening means hearing only.

x) Business Report is a tool of management.


b) What preparation is necessary for participating in a conference? (10)

9. Write short notes on any TWO of the following: (20).

(i) Interviewing, (ii) Defamation (iii) Responsibilities of a good listener (iv) Definition of a Bad-new letter. (v) Letter formats


10.a) Define a MARKET REPORT and discuss its importance and advantages. (10)

b) Explain any Five of the following market terms: (10)

(i) Forward Business (ii) Easy Trend in Market

(iii) Bull liquidation (iv) Blue Chips

(v) Stock Exchange (vi) Bearish Sentiments

(vii) Bullion Market (viii) Script

(ix) Stag (x) Arrivals (xi) Market closed flat.


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