B.com Part 2 – Business Communication 2005 Private Paper

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Time : 3 Hours                Max. Marks:100


Instructions: Attempt any Five questions Including Question No. 9 which is compulsory.


1.a) What is Business Communication? Briefly state its’ main Objectives. (10)

b) Discuss the importance of Business Communication within and out side a Business Organization. (10)

2.a) Explain any seven “Commandments” for good Listening.

b) State the responsibilities of a Listener. (14+06) .


3.a) Define Interview, and describe various kinds of Interviews.

b) What is the importance of opening paragraph of a Business Letter? What suggestions will you give to make it effective?


4.a) Explain the importance of “ Planning Steps” in Communication. (15+05)

b) What do you Know about” Resume” what art its’ contents?


5.a) Briefly state the uses of a Sales Letter. (08)

b) As a manager of a Bank, Write a Sales promotion letter, welcoming a new customer. Who has just opened an account with your Bank? You may assume necessary

details. (12)


6.a) What do you understand about “full Block” and “AMS” simplified letter formats? (10)

b) Describe the advantages of Business Report. (10)

7.a) Explain in detail the writing principles of Clarity, Conciseness, Completeness and Correctness. (14)

b) State the similarities in oral and written communication (06)


8. Write short notes on any Two of the following: (20)

(i) Capital market and Commodity market.

(ii) Organizational Plan of a good newsletter.

(iii) Order Letter. (iv) Importance of dictating.

(v) Process of Communication.


9.a) What is a Business Report? Describe its value in management. (06)

b) Farhan Company, superHigh WayKarachiis facing the problem ‘decline in Sales’ for the last four years.

As an “Executive Officer” write a memorandum Report to the Director of the Company, pointing out the causes and remedial steps. Assume necessary details. (14)


10.a) What is Market report? Discuss its importance. (10)

b) Explain any FIVE of the following Market Terms: (10)

(i) Bullion. (ii) Dividend. (iii) Bear raid

(iv) Blue Chips (vi) Bare (vii) Call Rate

(viii) Forward Business. (ix) Trapped bull

(x) Ready business

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