B.com Part 2 – Business Communication 2005 Regular Paper

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Time : 3 Hours                Max. Marks:100


Instructions: Attempt any Five questions Including Question No. 9 which is compulsory.


1.a) Define Business Communication. Why is it called the Life blood of Business? (10)

b) Explain briefly the factors of Communication. (10)

2.a) State the significance of opening and closing paragraphs (10

b) What suggestions will you give to make good opening and closing paragraphs? (10)


3.a) What do you know about the Commodity market and Capital market? (10)

b) Differentiate between written and non written communication. Also state their similarities. (10)


4.a) What methods would you follow to become an effective Interviewer? (10)

b) Define listening. State the results of good listening. (10)


5.a) How will you differentiate the memorandum form report and letter form report? (05)

b) Fahad Adnan International Company DHA,Karachi, has been encountering frequent factory accidents for the Last Three years. Company has appointed you as Enquiry Officer to find reasons and give Suggestions to overcome the problem. (15)

Required: Prepare Letter form Report. Assume necessary details.


8.a) Explain any three Business-writing principles. (10)

b) Define dictating. State the qualities of good dictation. (10)


7. Explain in detail, the following terms with reference to their legal implications: (i) Defamation. (07)

(i) Invasion of Privacy (07) (iii) Other areas of Concern (6)


8.a) Differentiate between Sales Letter and Sales promotion letter. (06)

b) As a purchase manager of Zoya Samee Paradise Company, Shahbaz Avenue DHA,Karachi. Write a good order letter for the supply of one hundred Skyrocket motorcycles recently launched inPakistan. (14)


9. Write short notes on any TWO of the following: (20)

(1) Feed Back. (2) Adjustment letter

(3) Good news letter’s plan. (4) Advantages of Business Report. (5) Speaking at a Conference.


10.a) State the functions and contents of Market Report. (10)

b) Explain any FIVE of the following Market Terms: (10)

(1) Bull. (2) Blue Chips. (3) Boom. (4) Arrivals.

(5) Dull tone. (6) Bad book. (7) Call Rate.

(8) Bearish Hella. (9) Hedge. (10) Black bourse.

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