B.com Part 2 – Business Communication 2007 Regular Paper

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Time : 3 Hours                Max. Marks:100


Instructions: Attempt any Five questions Including Question No. 9 which is compulsory.


1.(a) Define Communication. (04)

(b) “Communication is the life blood of a business organization.” Explain in detail. (16)

2. Describe any five Business Writing Principles with examples.


3.(a) Define Privilege and explain its types. (08)

(b) What do you mean by fraud? Describe it. (06)

(c) What precautions should be taken while writing collection and non-recommendation letters? (06)


4.(a) What is difference between solicited & unsolicited job letter?

(b) A Trading Company requires a commerce graduate for the post of ‘Sales Executive’ (05+15)

Required: Draft a job letter along with C.V. to the Manager Personnel Department of company Assume necessary detail.


5(a) Explain briefly the contents of ‘Claim Letters’ (06)

(b) Ever shine Electronics has received a consignment of 100 T.V. sets. After (checking the consignment it was found that 15 T.V sets had scratches on screen and 5 T.V sets were not showing pictures. (14)

Required: Write a claim letter to Faran Electronics,Sialkotasking them for the replacement of defective T.V. sets.


6.(a) What is continuous system of sales letter?  (05)

(b) One of your old customers has not transacted with your organization during the last six months. (15)

Required: Write a Sales Promotion letter to bring him back into your business mentioning the new services introduced during that period, Assume necessary details)

7.(a) Define Business Report and state its role in business. (06)

(b) Waheed Corporation has been facing the problem of high rate of Labour Turnover for the last one year. The efficiency of the organization has been affected badly. The Managing Director has requested you to investigate the matter and submit your findings with suggestions. (14)

Required: Write a letter report. Assume yourself to be the Personnel Manager. Use imaginary details.


8.(a) Define a Problem-Solving meeting. (04)

(b) Describe the responsibilities of an interviewer and an interviewee during a job interview. (16)


9.(a) Define Market Report. (03)

(b) How does market report help investors to make a better decision? Discuss. (07)

(c) Explain any Five of the following Market Terms: (10)

(i) Ready business. (ii) Trapped Bull

(iii) Bear raid. (iv) Call rate.

(v) Blue chips. (vi) Scrip

(vii) Budlah (viii) Underwriter

(ix) Free Market (x) Hedge




Sentiments in the Local Cotton Market has become greatly bearish during the week under report. Support from bull operators has been totally withdrawn and prices have begun to record a new low each day. To all Intents and purposes an utter demoralization has come to prevail in

the market. (20)

Required: Explain the under Lined Words / Phrases and review the paragraph in simple language.

10. Write short notes on any TWO of the following: (20)

(i) Methods of delivering oral presentation.

(ii) Importance of opening and closing. (iii) Feedback.

(iv) Kinds of leadership. (v) Visual aids.

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