B.com Part 2 – Business Law 2006 Private Paper

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BUSINESS LAW       2006 (PRIVATE)        


Time : 3 Hours                    Max. Marks:100


Instructions: Attempt Four questions from Section-”A”, and Two questions from Section “B”





1 (a) When an agreement become a legal contract? Explain.

(b) Explain whether the following agreements are social or legal agreement (12+06)

(i) A invites B for dinner and B accepted it.

(ii) Yaqoob offer to sells 100 Bells of cotton costing Rs. 30000/- at Rs. 3000/- only to Zafar and Zafar accepted the offer.

(iii) Qasim offer to sell his car to Karim on lump sum amount and Karim accepted offer.


2.(a) Describe the rights of a surety against. (10)

(i) The principle debtor

(ii) The creditor

(b) What are the essentials of Contingent Contract?(07)


3.(a) Define partnership and state its essential elements.

(b) What are the implied authorities of partner? (10+07)


4(a) Define Endorsement and state its kinds. (10+08)

(b) Distinction between bill of exchange and cheque.

5(a) Define condition and warranty. When condition is treated as warranty? (10+07)

(b) Distinguish between Bill of Lading and Charter party.


6. Write short notes on any THREE of the following:

(i) Contract of Indemnity.

(ii) Contract ofSale

(iii) Essential features of a Negotiable Instrument

(iv) Distinction between illegal and void agreements

(v) Coercion and under influence. (6 each)



Section “B” (Industrial Law)

7. Write provision relating to safety of workers under Factories Act1934. (15)

8. How Labour CourtConstituted? What are the main functions of aLabour Court? (15)


9. Write short notes on any THREE of the following.(15)

(i). Dependent

(ii) Partial and Total Disab1ernent

(iii) Manufacturing process

(iv) Duties of Occupier

(v) Requirement for registration of a Trade Union

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