B.com Part 2 – Computer In Business 2004 Regular Paper

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Time: Three hours


Note: Attempt any five questions in all, including question No.1 which is compulsory.


1.(a) Fill in the blanks: (10)


i) Half Duplex is a type of ____ way transmission.

ii) The television broadcasting is an example of ____ transmission.

iii) A direct data entry device designed for use in financial institutions is _____

iv) ____ is a type of computer terminal which has no built in processing facility.

v) A ____ allows data to be stored temporarily, thus freeing the CPU for other tasks.

vi) A smart card is an example of ____ device.

vu) ____ is the process of converting data from digital to analog form.

viii) A _____ is the set of instructions that tell the computer what to do.

ix) A bit is used to check data transmission errors.

x) Optical Technology uses ____ to read and write data.

xi) ____ is used as high-speed RAM located between CPU and Main memory.

xii) _____ is used to electronically Link the parts of a computer.

xiii) Second generation of computer was characterized by ____

xiv) ____ is the set of programs that coordinates between the activities of HIW, S/W. and user.

xv) The Laser printer is an example of ____ printer.

xvi) The computer virus is a kind of ____ problem.

xvii) ____ computer is used to measurement of physical property.

xviii) An internet is an example of ____ network communication.

xix) Many businesses use ____ to reduce paper work and to reduce the time it takes messages to reach their destinations.

xx) ____ approach reflects our natural perceptions of the world as being composed of objects.


2. What is Office Automation? Briefly describe the OA applications and how OA increase the productivity of a business?


3. What are the Computer Based Information Systems (CBIS)? Explain the functions and characteristics of Accounting Information System.


4. a) The followings abbreviations stand for:

OCR                    TCP/IP                    MIPS                MODEM                 WAN

LASER                    SQL                    MICR                    OOP                    ASCIi

b) Define term Network topology, and explain various network topologies with their specific utilization, also list down the advantages and disadvantages.


5. Write down brief description of the following:

a) Data Bus (b) Buffer (c) Modem

d) Multitasking (e) Cache Memory (f) Complier


6. Write down short note on any Four of the following

(a) Expert System

(b) Number Systems

(C) Storage Devices

(d) The system Unit

(e) Desk top publishing

(f) Object oriented Programming

7. Differentiate between of the following:

(a) Procedural and Non-procedural Languages

(b) Application software and System software

(c) Analog Computer and Digital Computer

(d) Management Information System and Decision Support System. Ers will probably site link like most of the techniques ill present here, but you will need to use.

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