B.com Part 2 – Computer In Business 2005 Private Paper

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Time: Three hours


Note: Attempt any five questions in all, including question No.1 which is compulsory.


1.(a) Fill in the blanks: (10)

(i) _____ is a type of terminal which has no built in processing facility

(ii) The processing unit responsible for mathematical calculation is called _____ unit.

(iii) There are two principal Kinds of output _____ and _____

(iv) POS s the abbreviation of _____

(v) Binary Addition (1101100)2 + (101001)2 = (_____)2

(vi) MICR is the abbreviation of _____

(vii) _____ is the type scanner, used to scan the codes printed on products for automating check out.

(viii) During processing, data and instructions are held in temporary special purpose memories’ called _____

(ix) Optical technology uses _____ to read and write data.

(x) DRAM stands for _____

(xi) During processing, data and instructions are held in temporary special purpose memories, called _____


b) State whether True or False

(i) CD-ROM is the read only media.

(ii) The first electronic computer developed was ENIAC.

(iii) The largest digit in Octal number system is 8.

(iv) Hexadecimal equivalent to 10110010 will be AC2.

(v) In ASCII is a character code.

(vi) 1024 kilobytes is one gigabyte.

(vii) Laptop computers are equipped with Cathode Ray Tube.

(viii) First PC was operated at a clock speed nearly 5 megahertz.

(ix) In EEPROM memory can be erased by soft ware controlled by electricity.

(x) CPU does not refresh the DRAM periodically.


2.a) What are Impact and Non Impact Printers? Which types of printers are suitable in different environments?

b) Explain categorization of computers with respect to type, size and performance.

3.a) Explain the Data Processing Cycle in detail.

b) “A problem which is Well Defined is Half Solved” Discuss the statement in connection with SDLC.


4.a) What is System? Discuss various features offered by new operating systems.

b) Discuss the situation where ready-made software is a better solution in comparison to a customized solution.


5.a) What are Office Automation Applications? Explain how can they help in automation of common office activities.

b) Explain the benefits of using electronic spreadsheets over manual spreadsheets.


6.a) What is MIS? How MIS can be used for effective management?

b) Discuss in what situations network computing is better option in comparison to standalone computing.

7.a) Write a detailed note on Accounting Information System? Discuss how AIS helps in better record keeping and decision making.

b) Discuss the potential damages caused by Computer Viruses. How can we protect our computers by viruses?


8. Write short notes on any FOUR of the following:

(i) Programming Languages

(ii) Decision Support Systems.

(iii) Network Topologies

(iv) Number Systems

(v) Expert Systems

(vi) Storage devices.

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