B.com Part 2 – Computer In Business 2005 Regular Paper

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Time: Three hours


Note: Attempt any five questions in all, including question No.1 which is compulsory.



1.a) Fill in the blanks.

(i) ____ bytes = 1 million bytes.

(ii) A ____ consist of thin circular plastic sheet enclosed in a plastic jacket used for storing data up to 1.44 MB.

(iii) A dedicated computer on a network that controls access to shared software and hardware is known as _______

(iv) A _____ is a small computer that fits in one hand.

(v) A _____ is the smallest units of data a computer can represent.

(vi) A ____ is any hardware that conveys information to the user.

(vii) A laser printer user laser beam and powder ink, known as ____

(viii) A ____of duplicate of file, programs or a disk that can be used if the original is lost or damaged.

(ix) A ____ is a set of a computer programs that coordinate all of the activities among computer resources.

(x) The only category of computer language the computer can directly understand is _____language.


b) Match items of list A with that of list B:


       LIST ‘A’                             LIST ‘B’


(i) Optical media                     Impact printers

(ii) Magnetic tape                   Processing Speed

(iii) Carbon copies                  Single User

(iv) MIPS                               CD-ROM

(v) Personal Computer           Resolution

(vi) Token Ring                      Sequential Access

(vii) Full Duplex                    Tracks in a multi platter hard disk.

(viii) DPI                                Temporary memory

(ix) Buffer                              Communication Mode

(x) Cylinders                           Network Topology



2. Compare and differentiate any four of the following.

(i) Analogue and Digital Computers

(ii) High and Low level language

(iii) Internet and Intranets

(iv) Compilers and Interpreters.

(v) Application Software and System Software

(vi) Dumb Terminal and Smart Terminal.


3.a) Explain the difference between Data and Information.

b) What is meant by Database? Explain the major types and functions of a DBMS.


4.a) What does a Network Topology mean? Explain three basic network topologies.

b) What are the factors, which affects the overall processing speed of a computer?


5.a) Discuss major M3 of SDLC.

b) What is computer Virus? How can we prevent our computers from them?


6.a) What is Data Processing Cycle? Explain Extended Data Processing Cycle in detail.

b) What are Impact and Non-Impact Printers? Explain the difference in their usage with examples.

7.a) What is meant by DSS? I-low DSS can help in correct decision making?

b) What is meant by Office Automation System? Discuss with reference to a medium sized office environment.


8. Write short notes on any FOUR of the following:

(i) Object Oriented Programming

(ii) Accounting Information System


(iii) Steps in development of a computer program

(iv) Storage Devices

(v) ASCII and EBCDIC codes

(vi) Expert System

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