B.com Part 2 – Computer In Business 2006 Regular Paper

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Time: Three hours


Note: Attempt any five questions in all, including question No.1 which is compulsory.


1.(a) Fill in the blanks: (10)

(i) A designed field n which a query to a database can be based, is called _____

(ii) A _______ computer terminal tan be used only to input data and can not do any independent processing.

(iii) The concentric circles on a disk are called _____

(iv) The kind of signal most telephone liner require is _____

(v) The input, output, and secondary storage devices, attached to a computer, are known as ____

(vi) The software used to access the internet is called _____

(vii) PDA stands for _______

(viii) The supplier of the internet server is called _____

(ix) The opening screen on a web-site is called _____

(x) The input method used mainly by banks for processing cheques, is known as _____


1.(b) State ‘V for True and ‘F for False statement. (10)

(i) Data are scanned into a computer using a mouse.

(ii) Optical recognized technology is based on magnetized data.

(iii) A terminal that has the capability of doing some processing is called a Smart terminal.

(iv) A laser printer is an Impact printer.

(v) Magnetic Tape is most often used for back up purpose.

(vi) A field is a set of related records.

(vii) Making illegal copies of Copyrighted software, is called Software Piracy.

(viii) Symbol such as =, > and < are called Arithmetic Operators.

(ix) Under multiprogramming programs, can run concurrently.

(x) A translator is a form of hardware that translates a program into language the computer can understand.


2.(a) Describe three major factors that contribute positively for increasing the processing speed of a computer. (10)

2.(b) What is machine cycle of a CPU? (10)


3.(a) Explain why optical storage is of growing importance in computing. Also describe the most commonly used forms of optical storage. (10)

3.(b) Describe the uses of following types of computer memories: (10)

(i) Registers

(ii) Buffers

(iii) Cache

(iv) ROM


4.(a) What is Object-oriented Programming? How Object-Oriented Programming is different from other programming approaches? Explain. (10)

4.(b) What is Desk- Top publishing? How it is different from Word Processing? Explain with examples. (10)


5. Differentiate between following (ANY FOUR). (20)

(i) Language Complier and Interpreter

(ii) Laptop Computer and Palm —top Computer

(iii) MS- DOS and Windows — NT

(iv) Procedural and Non- procedural language.

(v) High- Level and Low — Level Language.

6.(a) Briefly describe the following terms related to visual Display units (Monitors); (10)

(i) Pixels

(ii) Resolution

(iii) Bit Mapping

(iv) Graphic Adapter Card

(v) Liquid Crystal


6.(b) Describe two types of capabilities of the Internet. Explain how individual Computer and Server Computer interact on the internet? (10)


7.(a) Briefly describe the following communication channels used in networks: (10)

(i) Twisted Pair

(ii) Co-axial Cable

(iii) Microwave

(iv) Satellite

(v) Fibre- Optic Cable


7.(b) Explain any three magnetic storage media used in a computer system. (10)

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